The Final Fantasy series is a console role playing game with a strong following. People who are familiar with the Final Fantasy series are also familiar with their weapon system. Each game had distinct weapon systems, but had similar mechanics. It seems like the battle system for Final Fantasy 13 will be completely redone. This week, Shonen Jump has provided some new details on the weapons upgrade system that'll be featured in the game, as players will evidently improve a character's weapon into entirely new forms.

Equipment Reform System:
Final Fantasy 13 Weapons are upgraded and changed when you feed it special materials that you acquire through treasure chests, battles, and during special missions. You may also destroy old weapons and use that to modify and change your current weapon. Final Fantasy 13 has over 100 types of materials that you can use for your weapons. The Equipment Reform System is not only for weapons; this can also be used for accessories and armor.

The materials have different effects depending on the type. Some simply increase the stats of that particular weapon or armor, and others interact in synergy with materials that are already applied to the weapon. For example, an item can add a 1.25 experience multiplier. it's a good idea to use this with a material that adds large amounts of experience to the weapon.

In Final Fantasy 13, the weapons also level up into more powerful forms with new abilities. If you level them up to a certain limit, you can also change its form. Get enough level ups to your weapon, and it will eventually reach its limit. Any given weapon can be upgraded to a star rank, meaning that without a special item, it is maxed out. Then that is when you are able to change its form. This process is not automatic, because the new weapon will be more weaker than its maxed out predecessor. But by leveling up the weapon with materials and experience, it will eventually become an even more powerful weapon.

Many Final Fantasy 13 players use their beginning weapons to defeat the final boss. The upgrade system makes it possible to stay with one weapon and see it level up, grow, and transform into an even more powerful form.

It seems that the weapon upgrade system share certain attributes to the weapon upgrade system on Final Fantasy 8 (VIII), which can be a good or bad thing.

Lightning's Weapon: Transformable Sword
Lightning is the main character of Final Fantasy 13. Her weapon of choice is a Gun Blade. The first form of the weapon is called a Blaze Edge and it upgrades into a slash Carbine. It resembles the Gun blade wielded by the main character in Final Fantasy 8.

Snow's Weapon: Coat
That's right. He uses his bare hands to attack, but the coat is what grants him his abilities. His coat gets different designs and patters when it upgrades. The initial coat is called "Wild Bear".

Vanille's Weapon: A Bind Rod
The weapon consists of wires with hooks on them that latch on and rip away at the enemy.

The weapons of all the characters in the game - Lightning, Snow, Vanille, Hope, Sazh, and Fang are as follows: transformable sword, coat, bind rod, boomerang, gun, and lance, respectively.

With all the available upgrades and weapon modifications, Final Fantasy 13 will cause a boom in the strategy guide business. I can already imagine the book being biggger than a phone book. Enjoy guys!

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