Best FF Series Ever?

A lot of people enjoy playing a classic game like Final Fantasy 7. I remembered playing it as a little kid. It was so much fun. I re-played it when I got older. It has so much replay value. I am sure many people would agree with me that it is the best FF series. 

So what makes it the best?

I believe it is the characters and the music. They are all unique and loveable in their own way. Lets look at the characters shall we?


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Final Fantasy Playable Characters

FF7 Good Guys

Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife is main character of the story. He is an Ex-SOLDIER. Easily distinguishable with that big buster sword he carries. His personality is described as cool and arrogant. He is a strong melee fighter that can cast magic pretty well. Overall, he is well-rounded in terms of strength and magic. I enjoy playing him as a melee powerhouse that is the main physical dealer of the party.

His best limit break is Omnislash. He destroys the enemy with 16 slashes, and the last one is finished with a Braver like slash.


Tifa Lockhart

Tifa Lockhart is the childhood friend of Cloud. Depending on how you treat her during the game, she ends up being the love interest of Cloud. She is a melee fighter that uses knuckles. Tifa is very caring and friendly character. She owns a bar in the slums and also helped taking care of Barret’s daughter. Tifa starts out relatively week as a melee fighter. She does improve later in the game when she has all her limits. Her magic skills are decent as well. She is also a good character to steal items from enemies.

Her limit break is a series of 7 hits. You learn them as you unlock them.

Tifa's Limit BreakCredit:

Barret Wallace

Barret is the leader of AVALANCHE. His mission was to decimate the Shinra Inc. He is a ranged character that primarily uses machine guns, but he does have some melee weapons as well. Barret is strong at physical attacks but lacks magic aptitude. He also possesses the best defense because you can put him in the back row and he takes less damage without penalty due to being ranged.

His best limit break in my opinion is Ungarmax. Plenty of hits, good strength as well.

Barret Limit Break 3Credit:

Aeris Gainsborough

Aeris is a slums flower girl. She is the one of the last Ancients to survive in the planet. Aeris is also Cloud’s love interest. Aeris is your typical magic caster. She lacks physical presence but is excellent in magic attacks. Put her in the back row and you have a good healer and magic attacker. She uses rods to attack. Unfortunately, we do not see her for too long in the game. I am not going to spoil it for you. Play the game!

Her best limit break is Great Gospel. You are invincible for a short amount of time, and you get healed to full health and all negative statuses removed.

Aeris Limit BreakCredit:


Red XIII(Nanaki)

Red XIII is also known as Nanaki. He is the son of the great warrior Seto, who protected Cosmo Canyon with his life. Red XIII does not know the truth behind his father’s death, as he thinks Seto is a coward for leaving the Cosmo Canyon when it was under siege. Red XII uses his tail to attack his foes. He is a strong physical attacker with below average magic attack. 

His best limit break in my opinion is Stardust Ray. Plenty of multi-hits and seeing stars!

Red XIII Limit BreakCredit:

Cid Highwind

Cid is a man with big ambitions. His dream was to fly to space. He was the first man to build a rocket (with Shinra’s help) and had the chance to fly to outer space, only to be foiled by his assistant. As a result, his dream was put on hold till later in the game. Cid wields a spear and is a strong melee attacker with below par magic skills. He is also very adept at controlling machinery. Planes, cars and rockets, you name it, he does control them well.

His best limit break is Highwind. He calls Highwind and drop some rockets onto his foes. Can't beat that!

Cid's Limit BreakCredit:

Vincent Valentine

Vincent was an Ex-Turk for the Shinra Inc. Due to losing Lucrecia, he left Shinra and went MIA in a coffin.  What a cool guy. Vincent is a ranged character with average physical attack and good magic skills. What is good about him is that he is ranged and takes little damage when you put him in the back row. Since he is a secret character, you will need to find him by defeating Lost Number. He can also transform into a monster. I think he is the coolest character in Final Fantasy 7.

His best limit break is Chaos. Cool looking vampire.

Vincent's Limit Break ChaosCredit:

Yuffie Kisaragi

Yuffie is the daughter of Godo from Wutai. Yuffie loves materia. Her personality is very cheerful but feisty. Being a secret character, you will have to go to Wutai to do the side quest and learn more about her town, Wutai. She wields a shuriken and is also a ranged character. Her physical attacks are rather weak but she makes it up for having decent magic skills and good limit breaks.

I believe her best limit break is Doom of the Living. It is better than All Creation. More multi hits mean better damage.

Yuffie's Limit BreakCredit:

Cait Sith

Cait Sith is a puppet that consists of a mog and a cat. Duh! He is actually a puppet that is being controlled though. One distinct feature of him is that he loves fortune telling and is a gambler. His limit breaks consists of dices and slots. He was initially a spy for Shinra until he decided to sacrifice his body in the Temple of Ancients and gained the trust of Cloud and company.

His limit break is good. I think dice is better. But if you can get this from the slot, you win!

Cait Sith's Limit BreakCredit:

The Villians


Sephiroth is the antagonist of the game. He wields a long thin sword. He is the legendary SOLDIER that everyone looks up to, including Cloud. After learning about his traumatic pass, he left SOLDIER and begins searching for the lifestream for more answers. His end goal was unclear, but it seems like he wanted to be the ruler of the planet. 


Rufus Shinra

Rufus is the new President of Shinra after his father was killed by Sephiroth. He is cunning and cold hearted. He wants to control the world with fear. In his efforts to find the promised land, he was in for a real surprise.

The Turks

The Turks consists of 5 members. They are Reno, Rude, Elena and Tseng.

They all wear dark blue suits. They remind me of Men in Black. They are the rivals of Cloud and company, giving them tough fights along the course of the game. Reno uses an electric rod, Rude uses his fists and he has a crush on Tifa. He never attacks Tifa in a battle. Elena likes to throw items at enemies. Tseng is more of a messenger than a fighter as you do not get to fight him in the game.

Rufus and TurksCredit:


Having read all of that, don't you want to play Final Fantasy 7 again? I have played it more than 4 times already. It has so much stuff to do in the game. I can spend hours racing chocobos and try breeding a gold chocobo. 

You can't go wrong with replaying Final Fantasy 7.