Final Fantasy XIII


· Great Graphics

· Superb sound and voice acting

· Very good plot

· Decent Combat System


· Only able to control one character in combat

· Very linear at the beginning

Full Review

Final Fantasy XIII is the latest title by Square Enix in their Final Fantasy series. For the first time it is available for the XBOX 360, and due to this and the fact that Square Enix are trying to appeal to a more mainstream audience, Final Fantasy XIII makes changes in the way the game works. There's enough of the old Final Fantasy to make it appeal to hardened fans, but for the first twenty hours or so it is more linear than previous titles.

The beauty about the game is the fantastic graphics and sound; however, combine this with the improved combat system (although the lack of ability to control multiple players is annoying) and a pretty decent plot and there's no doubt that Final Fantasy XIII is a winner.

The story

Cocoon. A tranquil world protect by the fal'Cie was about to undergo a major change when an evil and hostile fal'Cie is discovered. From the low world of Pulse, this evil fal'Cie appeared and held the human inhabitants in thrall making them his servants and forcing them to wield magical powers. Thus starts the tumultuous battle for freedom….


The graphics are incredibly good – the cut-scenes are up to the usual final fantasy standards and do a great job of filling in background stories and advancing the overall plot. The main graphics are also stunning, and the transition from cut-scenes to main game are seamless, and although the normal graphics are not quite as stunning they are still excellent for this type of game.


One of my favorite parts of the Final Fantasy series has been the stunning music; Finfal Fantasy XIII is no exception – the music is amazing – it's haunting at times, but adds an amazing amount of atmosphere to the game – it's worth buying the soundtrack for this game.

Add to this the excellent voice acting and the stunning battle and background effects and Final Fantasy XIII sets the standard for all others to aim at – it's little things like quality sound that set aside the game.


I've been playing Final Fantasy games for a long time and over the last few years I've been sorely disappointed by the later titles – the graphics and sound have improved, but somehow the playability wasn't as good.

Final Fantasy XIII is one of the better games to come out from Square Enix for a long time. Obviously it has stunning graphics and sound, but for once the combat system is very intuitive, leveling up isn't that complicated and the plot is interesting and mysterious.

While there is still an element of having to run around to get random encounters so that you can beat the bosses, overall the balance of the game is great – the boss battles are very difficult at times, and the use of the paradigms, potions and buffing your character become very important - the level of difficulty is pretty good and I like the fact that the bosses are difficult.

I was a little disappointed by the linear aspect of the game initially, but it does open up and eventually you are able to explore and choose your own party.

Overall, this is definitely the best Final Fantasy game for a while; it may put off some hardcore fans, but generally it has been received well and has provided hours of entertainment.

In Closing

Final Fantasy XIII is probably the best Final Fantasy title to come out for a while. With superb graphics and sound, an intuitive combat system and a decent plot, it is very easy to play. With the option of buying it for the XBOX 360, it also becomes one of the most widely available Final Fantasy games and therefore hopefully will lead to expansions and new games.

If you only buy one Final Fantasy Game, make it this one.