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Back in 2001, Square Enix released Final Fantasy X, a game ahead of its time in terms of graphics, gameplay, and content that made it an instant hit and overnight classic.  Still considered by some to be one of the best in the Final Fantasy line of video games that dates all the way back to 1987.

Now, more than 10 years later, an HD version of Final Fantasy X was released, reinvigorating fans of the game and bringing newcomers in to the immersive joy that was Final Fantasy X.

Let's look back at what made Final Fantasy X such a great game, and why it warranted an HD remake.


While Final Fantasy X is nothing compared to games these days as far as graphics are concerned, Square Enix was able to bring an art and beauty to the game that can be appreciated to this day.  They seemed to flood your eyes with a world of colors, imagination, and unique phenomena that captivated you at every turn.  The world was immense, and there was endless sights to see, all of them beautifully sculpted with amazing detail.

Playing the original version, even today, can still make you appreciate what they were able to do more than a decade ago.  With the release of the HD Remixed version of the game, it brought the world of Spira and Final Fantasy X to a whole new level, increasing the graphics to create an even grander experience.

Character Development

One of the best thing about Final Fantasy X was its use of great character development.  Some of the characters in the decade old game are considered even to this day to be some of the most important characters not only in the Final Fantasy series, but in video games as a whole.  You had an entire party of varying personalities, all with their own strengths and weakness (in battle and life in general), as well as their own motivations for their quests.  Each character was masterfully placed to create an emotional journey for the gamer.  Some of the characters were just plain awesome, such as Auron, and some of them were annoying, like Rikku.  Isn't life much the same?

What is impressive is that each character does not remain stagnant.  They are all forced to change as the journey progresses, and they all face times of choice and confusion.  They are all presented with unique, personal moments to build or break their character.  It was all impressively done, to say the least.  By the end of the game, you felt emotionally invested in each character, whether you liked them or not.

Final Fantasy X 2

Storyline and Gameplay

Final Fantasy X has a great storyline that will keep you hooked from the moment you begin the game.  The game is overflowing with content, all adding to the creation of a world that is unique.  Some of the impressive elements of the world include their economic system, their religion, their diverse races, and, or course, Blitzball (which brings everything together in a wonderful way).

You'll spend upwards of 30 hours or more just delving into the main storyline.  If you venture out into the unknown and follow side quests and search all the nooks and crannies that the world of Spira has to offer, you'll spend upwards of 100 hours or more, and still probably have more to do and more to learn.

The amount of content packed into this game is amazing.  The Final Fantasy HD version, however, adds in even more content, along with the international content that US gamers didn't have before.

The leveling up system offers the perfect balance between freedom of character building while keeping characters generally in their sphere of excellence.  If you use the new version of the sphere grid that is offered in the HD version, you will have ultimate power to develop your characters however you want, since instead of starting in their respective places on the sphere grid, they will all begin in the same place.


One of the greatest parts of Final Fantasy X happens to be in the form of a mini game called Blitzball.  Blitzball, in fact, is widely considered to be one of the greatest mini games in the history of video games, which testifies to its greatness.  Blitzball plays an important part in the culture of Spira, helping to divert the various people in the land from their overwhelming woes.  Blitzball is a cross between football, hockey, soccer, and handball, and it is played in a large Sphere Pool filled with water.

The notion of such a sport is a little ridiculous, but for a fantasy world, it is pretty ingenious.  Nobody could really hold their breath so long while getting the crap beat out of them and playing a high intensity sport, but in the realms of video games, everything is possible.

You'll have your own Blitzball team to manage with a total of 6 starting players, including a goal keeper.  While playing the game, your players earn experience from the various actions they make in game, helping them to level up and improve their stats.  You can also learn new techniques for your players to help them perform better.

The best thing about Blitzball is the recruiting system.  In your travels throughout Spira, there are many random people who may play Blitzball, some of them great and others not so good.  By finding them in the world, you can sign them to your team to replace your starting players (which aren't very good).  The computer controlled teams can sign them as well, so you may come across players that are already playing for another team.  Any player that fulfills their contract with a team and does not resign can be found in game and added to your team as well.


Looking for a game that will offer countless hours of fun and an immersive experience?  Final Fantasy X may just be the game for you.  Both the HD remake and the original version are great games and will be played for years to come by devoted fans and newcomers alike.

It's scores a 10/10 in my book.

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