The Art of Self-Deception

I guess you are thinking, “Wait a minute, did he just say there is a kind of deception that yields positive results?” Yes! You read it right. I know you have always been told or believed deception is bad, and deceiving yourself is even worse. I’m here to tell you how a kind of self deception has helped me and a lot of others around the world live better lives and how you can also use it.

Since this might still sound unbelievable to you, I will make effort to start from the scratch so that you don’t get lost with the concept. If you read till the end, you might just agree with me even before doing the practical to see results that this sort of self deception will yield positive result.

Let’s start with what deception really means. I know you have an idea of what it means, but here is how Concise Oxford English Dictionary defined deception: the action of deceiving (deliberately cause (someone) to believe something that is not true). From the above, it follows that deception is largely an art of persuasion. Self deception is persuading yourself to believe something that is not true.

So, the first step to this effective process is to identify the things which are not true but which you wish was true. For example, if you are poor and you say “I am rich”, this is not true but I’m sure you wish it was. Or you say, “I am strong”, when in reality you are actually sick. You might also chose to say “I have power to change any habit”, when to be frank with yourself, you have exhausted yourself trying to break a habit. Yours might be poor academic grades but you want to deceive yourself that you are bright and brilliant. You can also use affirmations like the ones at the end of the article. List out whatever it is that you presently are facing but you wish were not so and what you want instead.

Step two is basically where you have need of commitment and where the result really comes from. In step two, you will have to dedicate about ten minutes in the morning and at night to read to yourself what you have written down as many times as possible. In some instances, doing this before a mirror yields great result and if you can get to do it in a quiet garden, it will be just fine. However, any quiet place will do for this practice.

What if you don’t believe yourself? The truth is that it is very difficult to deceive yourself but if you continue with this you will begin to believe yourself. How? We are created to believe what we hear very often. Think about it, if your name is Alex, has it ever occurred to you that you begin to answer this name here on earth? When you were only a kid, mum called you Alex, dad called you Alex, your siblings called you Alex and as you heard people calling you Alex continuously, you began to believe your name is Alex. Let us consider another illustration. If you went to school and five different persons told you that your ears are big, you probably will begin to imagine that is true. What if you graduated and your colleague in the office jokingly called you “big ear” man? You definitely will begin to believe this is true, even if you have not checked yourself in the mirror.

Having said that, you need to understand that when you say those words, you are sending a message to the subconscious mind and many renowned psychologists have suggested that the subconscious mind does not differentiate between what is true or false. It does not judge and cannot tell whether you are deceiving it. Though at the initial stage, it might try to doubt a new message being passed to it but with consistent reaffirmation it will soon register that to be the true. Generally, seeing result from this practice require commitment and consistency.

So I have repeatedly told myself what I want and now I think I believe myself, what now? Yeah, you are a good way to getting positive results. What we believe usually becomes our reality. There is this flow of events in which our Thoughts affect our Words which in turn influences our Actions which mold our Character that eventually forms our Destiny. Hence, our destiny is a product of our thoughts and by altering our thoughts through self deception, we can actually change our destiny or realities.

This has worked for persons trying to break free from an addiction, it has worked for people with serious health challenge, it has helped people live the life of their dreams and its potentials are still potent to yield positive result for you. While I can’t explain the complexity or mechanism of this process, I can assure you it works. I can’t tell you how much this has catapulted my self esteem and I feel more dignified than before. Some psychologists have actually explained the working principle of this model as “The Law of Attraction”, which is supposed to mean that your mind works as a genie and whatever you can “deceive” your mind to believe can be attracted to you from the universe. Even the Bible mentioned that “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”. All these boil down to the fact that a man’s thoughts are the architect of his reality and destiny.

Let’s face it, we usually feel fly when others make nice compliments about us, so why can’t we start to make nice compliments about ourselves. If you are consistent with this, you might discover that your self-worth and image will improve greatly besides other positive result you will get.

Some affirmations you can use to yield positive results in this art of self deception include: “I have the power to decide what I take into my body”, “I always use my discretion in all I do”, “I rule my habits. I am in charge”, “I’m gorgeous”, “I’m a great money saver”, “I feel fulfilled and joyful”, “I only have positive mental pictures”, “I am becoming better everyday”, “I reject abuse from others”, “I have faith and deep belief in myself”, “My future looks great”, “I am strong and secure”, “I have inner resources”, “I have the power to realize my goals”, “I am valuable”, “People respect me”, “People like me”, “I care for people”, “I am confident of my capabilities, expertise, and know-how”, “I am interested in others”, “I am confident”, “I am a strong person”, “I am a success”, “I have faith in God and my future”, “People admire me”, “I forgive myself”, “I have inner peace”, “I am intelligent”, “I take action”, “I feel confident from the inside out”, “I am loveable”, “I am worthy of love and friendship”, “I accept myself completely”, “I find deep inner peace within myself as I am”, “I say positive things about myself to myself”, “I am an interesting person”, “I love and approve of myself aside from my accomplishments”, “I have positive self esteem”, “The world is full of beauty and abundance”, “I appreciate the positive people”, “I love and honor myself”, “I enjoy being positive and having positive feelings”, “I see each part of my life as a lesson”, “I strive to improve myself”, “My wealth is increasing more and more now”, “I courageously sell my ideas”, “I enjoy my affluence and share it appropriately”, etc. The list is endless and it is important for you to write only the ones you think you really need and commit yourself to it. If you do, you might begin to notice change in your life 30 days from now.

I wish you the very best and compliments of the season. Be positive this Christmas.