Here Is An Example Of A Financial Aid Letter Of Appeal

If you have lost your financial aid and need to learn how to write an appeal letter to the Financial Aid committee of your school, it is best to either ask a financial aid counselor that works in your school's financial aid office or the specific person who sent you your financial aid letter of suspension.  Each school may have different requirements but the reasons for the suspension are usually about the same. Most schools already have their own appeals forms but it is also good to send them a personal letter from yourself as well as a letter from a faculty member in your area of study vouching for you that you will strive hard to fix the areas that need to be fixed in order to get your financial award reinstated. You may also have to consider getting a guaranteed approval loan or a no cosigner student loan in case your financial aid is not reinstated.

When writing your awards letter request for reinstatement, NEVER, and I mean NEVER put the blame on someone else as to why you failed to meet the criterion.  This is different than writing a letter of financial aid appeal because you need more money. Unless you got into a car accident that put you in a coma or were otherwise the victim of some crime that was out of your control, you should never blame someone else for your shortcomings.  Always take responsibility for why you failed.  You can go further and explained why you fell short, but make sure you state that it was your fault and it is you that will make steps to correct the short coming.  If the financial aid committee sees that you can't even take blame for failing to meet the criterion, they may also feel that you are not yet ready to take full responsibility to fix what needs to be fixed.  In essence, they may see dealing with you and your appeal as a waste of time and deny your appeal.

Next, you should lay out a plan to succeed and tell them exactly what you are going to do or doing to solve the problem. If you are in counseling, if you have moved out of stressful environment, if you have gotten extra tutors, they should know this in your letter of appeal. 

Third, try to get a letter from a faculty member in your area of study vouching for you and perhaps explaining why they should reinstate your financial aid from their perspective.  This is a very powerful tool to use when trying to reinstate your financial aid.

Fourth, if you failed to complete your requirements for the financial aid due to medical reasons, make sure you have proof of this.  A letter from your doctor should be fine, but the financial aid form or the financial aid office will tell you exactly what kind of proof they need. Again, you may have to consider a guaranteed approval loan or a no cosigner student loan in case your appeal is denied.


Here is a Sample Of A Letter Of Appeal For Financial Aid Reinstatement


Name and Social Security #


Dear Financial Aid Committee:

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my letter of appeal for financial aid reinstatement.  First, let me say, I wholeheartedly appreciate your granting me this award in order to make my educational dreams a blissful reality.  It would be a great honor for me to continue on the path which I started before I suffered this temporary setback.

I take full responsibility for why my grades slipped and because unsatisfactory.  There is no one else to blame but myself for not being able to control my emotional state during a time of terrible crisis to the point where I could maintain an acceptable G.P.A.  For that I am sincerely sorry because I feel that I have let many people down, including myself.

When my mother died, in the middle of the semester, I was not able to handle the grief well and I let my grades slip to the point where they could not be recovered.  My mother and I were very close so it was a devastating blow, but I should have handled it better, especially knowing that I had to maintain a certain G.P.A in order to keep my financial aid award.

I am asking this committee to give me a second chance to prove that I am worthy of this award so I can continue in my studies.  Professor_____________________ is fully aware of my situation and has offered give me extra office hours to help improve my grades in _____________________. I have also asked her to guide me during this period to ensure that I remain on an academically strong path towards the completion of my degree.  Enclosed, please find a letter from Professor _____________________ to the committee on my behalf.

I hope that you will give me a second chance. Please be rest assured that I will do whatever it takes to fix the areas the committee thinks should be fixed in order to prove myself worthy of such a generous financial aid award. 

I look forward to meeting with you soon.






Always be honest about what happened. Lying for any reason will only make matters worse and put your chances of getting future financial aid in jeopardy.  Keep accurate records of everything in your files.

No Cosigner Student Loan May Be Best Option(79672)

Keep in mind that with all that you have done to reinstate your education money, that they can still deny your reinstatement.  Be as thorough and honest as possible.  Always remember that you should have other sources of financing for your education. Something with instant approval and relaxed credit requirements such as guaranteed approval loans or a no cosigner student loan.

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