Financial aid student appeal letters can be very helpful when you have been denied.  This happens to many students, so you should not be ashamed in your denial.  What you should do is fight for the college money you need to go back to school and get a good education.  Those that sit back and do nothing will not get the opportunity to further their education with monetary assistance.  In this article, I will provide a sample of what you can write to get free money to go back to school, along with some other info you may find important if you need a financial aid student appeal letter to send in.    Let’s look at the sample letter first.



(Name/Full Address)

(School Name)

(Attention:  Financial Aid Appeals)

(School Address)

(Re:  Financial Aid Appeal Request)


Dear Financial Aid Appeal Committee,


I have received your generous financial aid offer.  While the offer is generous, it is simply not enough to allow me to attend (insert school name).

While my financial statements show a certain income level in the past, it is impossible to maintain these wages while attending college.  I will not be able to attend (college name) if my financial aid amount is not adjusted dramatically.

(If you have additional hardships, be sure to state them in this paragraph space)

As you will note, my GPA (in your last semester of college or your high school GPA) was (insert GPA).  As you can see, I am fully committed to my studies at (school name).  (Be sure to include a report card as proof)

(If you have other accomplishments at school, perhaps as a student body member or volunteer, state them here.)

I am certain that with the help of this committee, and through an increased level of financial aid through this appeal, I will be able to attend (school name).

I sincerely thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.  I look forward to hearing back from you. 




(Signed Name)

(Typed Name)


Additional Info

Keep in mind that this sample letter may need to be altered to suit your needs – it is a good example of what to write when you are looking for financial aid appeal letters.   There may some additional information you may want to include in yours, which are not included in this example form.

Children:  If you are a single parent or have children, state the hardship they will feel with you.  There are many school programs for single mothers.

Loss of Employment:  If you lost your job, state it in the financial aid appeal letter.  The example given does not take this into account.

Disability:  If you have a disability, you will need to alter this sample form to suit your needs.