If you're looking ahead to college - or even if you're in college now - you're probably wondering if there's a better way to pay for everything: tuition, other fees, books, and just your day-to-day money. You'd probably be thrilled if you found aid for college students that would get you the money you need to handle your expenses for nothing? You don't need to be burdened by student loan payments to go to college; financial aid for college students can go a long way, from covering a small part of your education to absolute full rides.

And there are a ton of scholarships, more than enough for everyone to get a good fistful of scholarship money. Plus, nearly eighty-five percent of all college students never consider applying for a scholarship at all.

Because of all this, there may actually be more scholarships available than there are students who want them. Some scholarships only get a few applicants each year, which means that they're a lot easier to get than others. So you have to ask: how can I figure out which scholarships only have a few applicants so I can apply?

After all, getting a scholarship for college is really about probability. If you only apply to five scholarship programs, you probably aren't going to get any of them. It's true, you might get lucky and receive a scholarship, but the sheer odds are against it. But if you try to get fifty or even one hundred different scholarships, the odds that you'll get at least one of those scholarships are pretty good. So if you want to get the best possible result, make an extensive list of college financial aid scholarships you're thinking of applying for.

You also want to not just limit yourself to scholarships -- there are also other ways to get free money. You can look at getting college grants for students for example, from nonprofit organizations or the actual college itself. If you are a single mother student, there is a whole array single mom grants available to you as well. So don't forget to go after grants as well as scholarships! Free money is money!

Remember that you're looking for any scholarships you can get, any at all, and that takes time. You'll want to focus on scholarships decided by a random drawing. Since you won't have to write an essay, you can apply to more. Apply to every single scholarship you hear about; you'll increase your chances of paying off some of your college tuition and other expenses without needing to heap a lot of debt on your head. For example, there are a whole set of wacky scholarships such as left handed scholarships. Many of these weird scholarships don't get a lot of applicants, which means you have a better chance of getting one!

If you want to go to college without a lot of debt, seek financial aid for college students. It's the best way to ensure you are not stuck with heavy student load debt after school.

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