Financial Help For Single Teenage Mothers

There is government assistance out there for both single mothers and single teenage mothers.  While there is still some stigma attached to single motherhood, the vast majority of the population realizes that some circumstances cannot be averted.  Single motherhood is not just from children being born out of wedlock, it could be from becoming a widow or from a divorce as well.  In any case, however the circumstances arose, the issue still remains that these single mothers need financial assistance to help take care of their families. There are a few government agencies and services that will help single mothers and single teenage mothers make ends meet.

As per the recent statistics, there are around 9.9 million single moms which makes up almost 38 percent of mother population in the nation. There are many schemes out there that prey on single mothers especially because they know these women are often very vulnerable.  Thankfully, as long as the single mom can prove that she needs financial assistance from the government, she does not have to worry about falling prey to schemes and schemers.

Where Can I Go As A Single Mom Or Single Teenage Mom To Get Financial Assistance?

Government Assistance

There are several government aids available for the single mothers. One of the first things a single mother looking for financial assistance should consider is food stamps for herself and her children.  After food stamps, you should consider getting your housing subsidized by getting a housing voucher or section 8 voucher.  These are two of the first places you should stop if you are a single mother in need of help.  There is also free health insurance that you can get for yourself and your children that is both federal and state based coverage.  All of these services are provided by the government for single moms and single teenage mothers. You will have to apply for housing vouchers and food stamps in your city and state.


Childcare Grants For Students And Working Moms

The government also helps you pay for child care if you have to work.  For financial aid for the child the single mother can go to the website of the federal government fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. 1.6 Billion  USD  has been set aside to help single mothers in this capacity. You can usually apply for a child care grant also through the school you are attending. You can also apply for child care assistance through Child Care Group.


Second Chance Homes

Second Chance Homes provides services to teenage parents and their children. It has a great deal of resources available to single teenage mothers from housing, to heath to child care and help available for those in the military.


Grants To Pay Bills

If you need help paying your gills, just go to, sometimes you may be over qualified for food stamps because you make too much money, but by going to, you can see exactly what benefits you can get.  Also try if you need help getting food, clothing or paying your rent. is not just for single mothers, but it is another resource you can turn to in your time of need. At present, 2012, only 39 states participates in the 211 program so you will have to go to to see if your state participates.


College Grants For Single Moms

There are grants available for single teenage mothers to go to school.  Those grants include Federal Pell Grants, TEACH Grant, where the  single mother can get up to $ 4000 scholarship, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), and many more. These grants and details about them are also available on the FASFA website,


Federal Grants For Single Mothers

While Second Chance Home provide housing assistance resources, you can also get them through HUD,  Finding affordable housing can be difficult especially when you are a single teenage mothers, but the government's federal housing program through HUD makes the process that much better.

Go to to apply for any and every grant available to you and for your particular needs. As a single teenage  mother, there are quite a few grants out there for you especially if you are still in school.  Go to and apply today.


Other Opportunities and Resources For Single Teenage Mothers

There are several vocational training programs available for single mothers such as CNA training and other free vocational training opportunities.  You can also try local churches, and religious organizations, the salvation army, local teen centers and your local health and human services department.  The point being, that you do not have to suffer alone if you are a single teenage mother in need of financial help. Between government resources and community based resources, you can get all the financial help you need for yourself and your children.