With the number of cancer patients increasing; finding financial assistance for cancer patients is very important.  There are many cancer cases in which the patient lacks the money for proper treatment and / or to maintain their health. With proper care, many types of cancer are curable or capable of being managed with emotional and financial stability.    There is good news!  There are charities and advocated that help cancer patients with financial assistance. 

In the United States of America, the number of charities and organizations that help with the needs of cancer patients are increasing and available. However, the number of people who have the willingness to support these organizations are in lesser number. We are thankful and truly grateful for those who help in rekindling the candle of cancer patients by helping them in their financial needs. A few organizations where you can start looking for financial assistance include social security, supplemental security insurance (SSI), Medicare, and Medicaid. 

 Another organization that assists cancer patients with financial needs is Cancercare.org.  In addition to providing assistance, Cancercare.org offers a variety of helpful information and articles about organizations like Cancer Financial Assistance Coalition (CFAC). CFAC offers a directory service that is both national and local.  CFAC offers resources that go beyond financial assistance.   They also cover resources for housing, insurance, childcare and more.

 In addition, to financial assistance many  organizations help in aiding cancer patients with their transportation, hospital and medical needs, home care, pain medications, as well as child care.

 Charities and health care organizations offer hope to those who are suffering from cancer. In their own way, organizations are capable of giving and establishing funds that help cancer patients focus on getting well.

Cancer Care Organization is one of the organizations that offer their services and financial help to cancer patients be it kids or adults. They offer services like counseling, education workshops for patients, support groups, community programs and of course, financial assistance. They have social workers that aids in helping you with everything that you will need while dealing with cancer.  Cancercar.org offers stories of help and hope, latest updates about the organization and their services to aid cancer patients. 


Families of cancer patients can benefit from many of these organizations as well.  In addition to information and counseling, there are many opportunities to volunteer, help with social work and financially support cancer aid organizations. 

To find cancer organizations to support, you can search online, contact your local government or check locally in your area.  These organizations will surely be glad if you do. 

For those of you who are dealing with this disease, there is hope.  One step to decreasing worry is to find the help you need.  Keep in mind that you may need to be creative and while you may not find “financial assistance for cancer patients” when searching online, you will find organizations that offer food, shelter, daycare, utilities, housing and many other ways to alleviate financial difficulty.