The average student pilot who enters into a deal with a flight training school can usually expect to spend the price of a small house, in order to gain the privilege of flying a passenger plane. 
Or is that really the case?

Some Flight Training Organizations, or FTO's for short, are notoriously unscrupulous in how they advertise their services and what they promise to do for the money you spend with them. 
All you have to do is look in the backs of aviation magazines, or do a search online and you will find a virtually endless list of training providers, offering you a career as a pilot in 18 months for  $50,000.

The main point that I want to share with you in this article is that no matter how much money you have, there are absolutely no guarantees that you will pass all of the examinations to fly a plane. Some people just do not have what it takes, but some flight schools are never going to tell you that. They will make time-based deals with you and demand all of your money upfront in order to give you a "special discount". 

They say that the truth hurts. And in the case of financing your pilot training, it is going to hurt a lot!
The price of training is incredibly varied. You will have some schools telling you that they are the best and that they have contacts in the industry that virtually guarantee that you will be flying a Boeing or Airbus, just a few weeks after you have graduated. 

Trust me. This is hype. The reality is very different indeed! 

Unless a school can show you written proof from an airline that they are going to employ you, no strings attached, then you can bet that the offer is just full of hot air. Unfortunately there are very unscrupulous people in this industry, who are only too happy to take your money and promise you the world, only to deliver a hell of a lot less!

The job of being an airline pilot is one of the top ten positions desired by people all around the world. Firemen, surgeons, lawyers - all top of the list in schools. 

You will hear a lot of people talking about “the dream” of becoming a pilot. For most people, that is all it will ever be, but for those like you who get the chance, there are dangers on the way to living the dream that you have to be aware of. 

While some training schools out there are highly ethical and up-front, a lot are underhanded and, as we discussed earlier, promise the world. 

No training school will give your dream any more than a second’s acknowledgement, because for them, your training is one thing and one thing only - business. And it is because of this, that you need to change your mindset about how you approach these companies, so that you get the best deal possible and get the job done well. 

One of the best sources of information available for student pilots is called "Becoming An Airline Pilot - The Ultimate Guide To Achieving Your Goal"

This comprehensive guide will literally save you thousands of dollars in fees and time on the way to achieving your goal of sitting in the cockpit of a multi-million dollar airliner, and working your dream job. The guidance contained within is based on over ten years of aviation industry experience and will ensure that student pilots get to go where they want to, with the minimum of fuss, and give them the skills needed to make informed choices about their flying future. 

The ebook contains information on:

  • Finding out if you have what it takes to fly an airliner. 
  • Educational requirements. 
  • Medical requirements. 
  • Required licenses and ratings. 
  • ICAO language proficiency. 
  • How to choose the right training provider. 
  • How to minimize your financial exposure to training. 
  • Essential books and references. 
  • Skills and theory content for your examinations and tests. 

It is all there for you in one complete guide. 
What would take you months of research and endless hours of advice-seeking is now available in an instant download.

We recommend that you give it a serious look, before you go out and start writing checks for training.