Each day, many people start their blog. Unfortunately, a large percentage will decide to stop after a few weeks.
If you want to avoid being part of this group, it is important to do some research beforehand.

Step 1: Define a list of potential markets to exploit

Select the markets where you have knowledge and some fun writing can be very judicious. Even if there are alternatives such as private label rights or subcontract, if you want to exist in the long term, it is preferable to choose the market in relation to a passion or hobby.
Take a sheet and give all the ideas you through the mind. When that is done, you can proceed to the second stage.

Step 2: the market is important enough?

It does no good to spend hours preparing your blog and your articles if nobody is interested in the topic. The same is true if only a few hundred people.
For example, if you decide to start a blog on the "wallaby Parry," we must know that there are less than 10 searches per month on the animal.
For the number of monthly searches, I used a tool provided by Google. Indicate "keyword generator" to find this tool.
By specifying the keyword, you will know if the subject is of interest to users.
This allows excluding certain themes and discover the most popular.

Step 3: the market is profitable?

Create a blog to share your knowledge with free Internet. The aim is also to be able to earn money:

By selling its products
• Realizing the promotion of those other (and earn commissions).
To find out if your market is profitable options here:
• Check if there are Adwords ads when you do a search. If so, then people spend money to attract Internet users on their site. This is usually to sell a product thereafter.
• Are there any magazines addressing this market? If a company decides to launch a print magazine, it means she has done a market study. It concluded that there was enough potential customers. (When you buy a magazine, you could get many story ideas for your blog.)
• Are there any natural products? Again, the reasoning is identical to the magazine. If there physical products then there is money to this market. You can visit the site to make your searches amazon.fr.
By performing these three steps, you can choose the best topic for your blog. Thanks for your various searches, you will probably spotted several story ideas. If one day you're looking for inspiration, you can repeat steps 2 and 3 or watch the blogs of your competitors.