A painted pedestal table can easily be an exceptional heirloom. They are often hand painted with intricate designs. The pedestal base may be solid or a combination of legs and columns. Generally the top is made of wood, while the legs might be metal or wood or both. Choosing just one may prove difficult!

Designs Found on a Painted Pedestal Table

The designs found on a painted pedestal table will include, flowers, game boards for checkers and backgammon, mosaics and abstract designs. They are available bothPainted Pedestal Table in mass manufactured machine painted as well as individually hand painted styles. Pickling and white washing may be used to create the look of an antique. The base may be painted, or left plain. If a metal pedestal has been used it might be carved, painted or possibly enhanced with gold leafing. Brass accents are not uncommon in painted pedestal tables and enhance the overall appearance of fine furniture. Thefind.com has an excellent selection of various hand painted pedestal tables.

The bases may be intricately carved on painted pedestal tables. Beautiful designs featuring animals such as elephants, horses, cherubs and flowers are often seen on single support columns. The base may be a cast base created of metal, with trees, leaves, vase shapes and even Buddha's. The imagination of the artist creating the piece is the only limit. For painted pedestal tables featuring an Eastern influence, often the top will be intricately hand painted and may be combined with tiles, leather or metals. The edges may be fluted. The base on this type of painted pedestal table may be painted a solid color or even stained so as not to compete with the intricate top. These may have a simple design with more standard feet.

Painted Pedestal Table Size Range

There is a wide range of styles and sizes of a painted pedestal table. They may be used as a center coffee table, cocktail table, end tables, plant stands, dining room or kitchen tables. Another option is to use one on a covered porch or deck, although it must be protected from the elements.

How Expensive is a Painted Pedestal Table?

A painted pedestal table will vary a great deal in price. If choosing an antique of a site such as vol1antiques.com the price may be quite high. Depending on the use and type of table you wish to purchase though, the price may be as low as 30 or 40 dollars if shopping carefully, with 170 dollar tables being more or less average as found on Amazon.com.

Where can I find a Painted Pedestal Table?

Searching online for a painted pedestal table will show literally thousands of options. These beautiful tables are available in such a wide variety, both new and used that it will be a simple task to find one to complement current decor. They may be used as a central focal point of the room or simply as an accent. Ebay and Amazon will offer both new and used tables at bargain prices. Online furniture sites will have a huge selection. By adding painted or hand painted to the search engine the relevant sites may be easily found. Local furniture stores will offer painted pedestal tables as well. Furniture is easily shipped right to the door when choosing from online sites.

Painted pedestal tables used for dining, whether a kitchen table or formal dining room table will often be less intricately painted. Often a solid color is used for these tables, and is applied and coated with a quality finish. The paint colors will vary, with black, white, and green being common colors. They may also be available with a painted base and the top finished in a "natural" wood.

Antique dining tables will not have a finish to withstand water and their value will be diminished if the finish and paint are ruined. If choosing an antique painted pedestal table it will be imperative to protect the finish. These tables may have been whitewashed, some wear of the finish will be normal. They will not be in perfect condition and this is part of the value of the piece.

If choosing a painted pedestal table for a dining room, additional matching pieces such as buffet, side boards, and china cabinets are often available from the same source. Onewayfurniture.com offers a wide range of this style, many accented with wrought iron some of which has also been painted.

A well cared for painted pedestal table is available to complement every decor and enhance the beauty and style of any room.