Gray hair may appear due to ageing both in men and women. Sometimes you might notice gray hair in teens and young adults as well. The exact cause of this problem is yet to be discovered, but gene factor plays a major role in it. It is called as premature graying and following things contribute to the problem such as severe emotional stress, anemia, problem with thyroid and pituitary gland.

Dermatologists are of the opinion that it occurs due to improper protein synthesis. When color producing pigment melanin stops producing pigment in the hair follicle this problem occurs in the body. Instead of worrying about your salt and pepper hair texture, you can find out the remedy for it to lessen the problem.

Gray Hair Treatment:

Premature graying affects the teens to a great extent and there are various solutions available to lessen the effect. Intake specific vitamins to restore your original hair color.

The food items that you eat must contain following things such as

  • Dark green vegetables and yellow fruits contain Vitamin A, which is useful to keep your scalp healthy and give an extra glow to the hair.
  • Cereals, tomatoes, leafy vegetables and yogurt are rich in Vitamin B. It is helpful to regulate the oil secretion.
  • Certain minerals like iron, zinc, and copper help to keep the hair healthy.
  • Protein diet is essential for complete body nourishment.

Diet plays a major role in the process of gray hair treatment and it is important to watch your eating habits. Try to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet regime.

Apart from the diet plan you can think of using hair products to conceal the graying of the hair. Natural color dye is the temporary solution to this problem and you need to dye the hair again once it vanishes. You can also opt for scalp massage in order to increase the blood circulation in the scalp.

Heredity is the main factor behind premature graying

Heredity is one of the reasons for gray hair. For people whose parents had gray hair at a young age might be affected by the same problem due to the genetic factor. According to the report published by the Harvard scientists, when melanocyte stem cells (MSC) fail to function, the production of the melanocytes is affected and it would cause graying of hair.

Don’t be afraid of the gray hair, you can either dye or have a modern haircut with sharper edges and nice fringes. You can get lots of tips from the hair specialists and health magazine about how to take care and maintain your hair.

Prevent gray hair

The hair does not turn into gray color overnight and it takes place slowly as you get old. Premature graying is a morbid condition and it makes you look older. Some of the remedies that might help you are mental relaxation, changing your hair color, using gray hair shampoo, adequate sleep, avoid smoking and devitalizing foods and treat your hair with essential omegas and vitamins.

One of the best possible ways to prevent this problem is by taking good care of the hair. Make of the hair care products, which are suitable for your hair type and stop worrying about premature graying.