turn a no to a yes

If you are looking to find a woman who will like you for who you are, then you probably have not had great luck meeting women in the past. Some men feel as if they have to act like someone else to attract the woman of their dreams. The truth is that you do not have to pretend; no matter who you are there is a woman out there looking for a guy like you. While you may have to clean up your act and your apartment a bit, you can still find a woman who likes the things that you like. Here are some great tips for finding her.

Get To Know Yourself

Before you go and try to find a woman who likes you just the way you are, you need to find out what you are bringing to the table. You need to know yourself so that when you meet her you can properly show her who you are. Some guys find themselves working at a place they hate, doing something they despise. Why are you there? What is it that you really want to do and how are you going to get there? What are your dreams and goals? What did you want to be when you grew up? Those questions may sound a little silly, but you really have to know the answer to them because otherwise you may not really know who you are.

Do The Things That You Like

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when they are looking for a partner is to look in the wrong places. A bar is a great place to meet people, but if you hate the bar scene why would you want to meet someone who will always want to hang out in it? If you like museums then check out the museums nearby; I promise you there will be single women there and in most places you like to visit. You can meet single women at the game, at the comic book convention, at the pool or at the park. Do the things that you like and try to meet someone who likes to do the same things.

Expand Your Circle Of Friends

Some men will have issues meeting people especially when they are new in town or a little introverted. That is totally understandable but there are solutions. The internet has allowed people to expand their social circle and meet more people by joining activity groups. You can find specific activity groups in the many internet classified sites or in group specific social media sites like MeetUp.

Some people have also created activity groups in Facebook and other sites. You can join those groups and get together with different people who enjoy doing the same things that you like to do. You could find a woman in those groups or maybe someone who will think you are just perfect for somebody they know, so why not give it a try.

Be Yourself

If you start creating a different persona when you meet a woman, she will probably get her “lie radar” and call you out on it. You need to be yourself from the moment you meet her because that is who she will be seeing if she decides to go out with you. If you are someone else, then that is what she will want and you will fall back into the trap of dating someone who is not really interested in you. Of course you should display your level of education and manners, but if you are not a hiker or a lawyer, then don’t say that you are. What if you tell her that you love sky diving and you find yourself screaming like a 15-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert on your way down?

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk

Shy guys don't talk

If you do actually meet a woman in one of the places you like to frequent or through a social media group, then you should do everything that you can to not be shy. Shy guys may look like something women want to nurture in the movies, but in the real world they will not even notice you exist unless you have enough confidence to talk. You do not have to talk about being single or how pretty she is; just try to break the ice and get the conversation going.

If the conversation is going well enough do not just ask for a date; instead tell her how much you enjoyed the conversation and how it would be great to keep it going some other day. Get her number and email address so that you can stay in touch and go from there.

Asking For A Date

So you met someone who you like, but now you have to ask her for a date. This is where a lot of guys fail because they get nervous or they do not know what to say. Asking for a date is simple. You may feel a bit more comfortable doing it over email than on the phone, but the phone or web chat is a lot better. First you need to tell her who you are, because you are not going to call her on the same day (and she may have spoken to other people since you spoke). Bring up something about the conversation if she doesn’t remember right away, and do not be offended if she has a bad memory.

From there on mention how much you enjoyed your conversation and how you would like to get together some time to keep the conversation going. The best way to ask for a date is to give her a choice of when you two should meet, but the choice should sound something like “how about Wednesday or Thursday”, as opposed to just “how about Friday? You are giving her a choice of two nights in which she is more likely have free than on the weekend which is busier for most singles.

If she does want to see you, but she is not available on either of those days she will make a counter-offer for a day that is good for her. If she decides to pass on a date, do not take it personally and move along.

Just Ask Her Already