American Girl is a popular doll that almost every girl can relate to. With over 50 dolls to choose from these amazing dolls are not just toys, but each doll has a historical story that goes with her. Additionally the dolls have accessories that include clothing, furniture and even books about the doll character. All of this is wonderful for the girls, but can be expensive for the parents. That's why if you want to buy American Girl Dolls, you need to find the coupons and discounts available for the using. Here's how!

Things You Will Need

Need for American Girl Dolls

Step 1

Start with enrolling in the American Girl Doll ezine. This is open to the public and all you need to do is go the the American Girl Doll Website to sign up. These emails usually include all sorts of new information about the forthcoming products and any discounts and deals for American Girl.

Step 2

Next you will need to find the local newspaper and parenting magazines and start searching. American Doll is always looking for new customers so they put out information that includes ads with discount codes and discounts. These usually are found in the monthly magazines and for the newspapers, check the Sunday editions.

Step 3

Consider looking at the American Doll website. Now you may think they will be only pitching their dolls, but what you will notice is some great deals that rotate for their customers. This includes free shipping, percentage discounts off and deals in purchasing packages. Plus you will find some great things for the girls to do with their dolls!

Step 4

Go to the American Girl Doll Store in your area and see what discounts and deals they have printed up. Usually you will see the discounts on paper that you can jsut pick up and take to the register when you are ready to check out. What could be easier!!

American Girl Dolls are popular all over the United States. Not only can your girl have a wonderful doll to play with, they can also see shows and have a tea party at the actual American Doll store.

Tips & Warnings

American Girl Dolls are a great educational tool! Don't be surprised if your girls get attached to the stories behind the dolls!