Purchasing an end table with a drawer allows for storage of commonly used items which the owner may not wish to display but likes to keep close at hand. These are available in numerous styles and built from various woods as well as wicker and even extruded plastics. Choosing an end table with one or more drawers will help keep the living room looking neat and uncluttered.

Choosing an End Table with Drawer

Choosing an end table with drawer or drawers to match or coordinate with existing furniture should be a fairly simple task as they are widely available. Styles built from wood exist in both traditionalEnd Table With Drawer and contemporary and many variations. They may have curved legs and include metal accessories such as drawer pulls, bands or large visible accents. They may be inlaid with more than one type of wood or have marble or glass tops. There are literally thousands of end tables available. Some may even be used for bedroom end tables as night stands.

Many times an end table with drawer will be constructed of particle board or a less expensive wood with only visible parts being built of cherry, oak, pine or whatever wood is advertised. This is commonly done to lower the cost, and the primary concern would be checking the quality of the drawer and runners depending upon what will be stored in it. If the piece is simply for decoration the drawer construction is less important, however drawers that come apart easily after use are a drawback.

Shopping for an End Table with Drawer

Shopping for an end table with drawer will allow for many choices. Commonly four legs with possibly a shelf or more than one drawer can be found. A contemporary style may have gently tapering legs and curved sides or tops for designer appeal. They drawer pulls may be sleek or ornate depending upon the style of the piece and the drawers should open and close easily. Wrought iron may have a wicker accents on the front of the doors or be combined with wood to build an interesting casual piece of furniture. Wicker end tables will have metal supports and wood drawer pulls. Bombay chests are often found which add a unique look to the room.

Local furniture stores will generally have several choices of end tables with drawers and local discount stores may offer one or two choices as well. Shopping online will offer a huge selection of end tables from which to choose. Searching for a particular type of wood or manufacturer will narrow down the choices as will applying filters such as modern, traditional or contemporary.

Pricing of an End Table with Drawer

The pricing of an end table with a drawer offers tables to fit every budget. A very modest table might be found for less than 20 dollars with careful shopping. A Parson's table which is very simple in line and form is available in natural and various painted styles for 30 dollars and can be used for either a dining room or bedroom end table. A modern cubist style table in black with a glass top can be purchased for 70 dollars, while a designer contemporary piece with extreme style costs upwards of 550 dollars. The price can of course go much higher as well, however these examples show a broad spectrum and there are many in between as well. By ordering online the piece can be delivered right to the home saving hauling it and carrying it steps.

Choosing the perfect end table with drawer is often a process that requires some deliberation and searching. They are often pieces that will be used in the home for several years so ensuring that the right table is chosen is worth the time involved searching through various sites and stores. Antique pieces are available both online and locally at antique stores and possibly through estate or household auctions. Matching pieces such as more than one end table, coffee table or sofa tables are also available when purchasing most new end tables. The coffee table and sofa table may or may not include drawers. If not purchasing the entire set at one time, but planning to in the future, make certain that it is a style that will continue to be produced and not a close out item on sale. Finding matching pieces to the set in the future may present a problem. An end table with a drawer or drawers will be the finishing touch to the room.