Get some bathroom accessories ideas to help make your bathroom come alive. Whether it's been months or years since you last changed your bathroom, you can always give it a new lease on life by adding or replacing your bathroom accessories. You don't have to stick with the same old thing: toothbrush holders, soap dishes, etc. Think outside the box (or at least off the vanity) to make some changes you'll love.
Shower Shelves
It's time to make shower time easy for you, your family and your guests. Add at least one corner shelf where people can put their shampoo, jewelry and other odds and ends while they wash. You'll feel good about this accessory because it adds functionality and convenience to your bathroom without breaking the bank. Choose from permanent, elegant glass models or temporary shelves that match your existing decor. 
Hanging Basket 
Most showerheads jut from the wall at a 90-degree angle, providing a great place to hang something. When you go shopping for a hanging basket, you'll realize that you weren't the first person to get this idea; there are thousands of shelves and baskets designed with this purpose in mind. Take your time and buy the one that has the best combination of style, convenience and features, so you can complement your decor while you improve your shower. 
Bath Jars
To add a touch of beauty to your new or existing shelves, buy a set of bath jars. These are decorative items that can hold cotton balls, special soap and other stuff. As bathroom accessories go, bath jars are inexpensive. They also come in various colors, made from various materials, so be sure to shop around for the set of jars that's perfect for you. 
Towel Bars
Towel bars are an essential part of every bathroom. Over time, these devices become old and worn, giving your bathroom a dingy look. Spend some time replacing your towel bars with new ones that match your bathroom faucets and other elements in the room. Some of the most popular faucet brands have custom-designed towel bars that provide the perfect match. 
Creative use of mirrors can make a bathroom seem like it's entirely new. They can make the room seem larger and brighter and give bathroom users a better way to check their visage. Mirrors can vary in size from those long enough to span a double-sink counter area to those that are small enough to hang as simple wall accents. Sometimes mirrors can be used to conceal medicine cabinets or storage areas, so be creative. 
Bathroom lighting needs to be bright enough so people can see to get dressed, comb hair and check their teeth. Bright lights don't have to be overwhelming, however, so shop for a new light fixture that adds a touch of class to your bathroom.