Cheap Office Furniture On Clearance: Where To Start

First of all, congratulations on your newly acquired office address. One of the first things you'll need when you move into a brand new office is some decent furniture. But if you've already used up most of your fixed asset capital on rent, renovation and recruitment, and the creative use of orange crates is all you can think of, don't worry – there are several smart ways to get great deals on new or refurbished furniture to spruce up your interiors so your clients don't feel that they're walking into a warehouse rather than your corporate office. Of course, you also want to make sure that you get the right balance between an overly opulent and a nearing-bankruptcy look. A Hollywood movie mogul inner office kind of look wouldn't send the right sort of message if you're, say, a charity organization. And hard-top backless wooden stools won't work if you want the customer to feel like royalty.

Confucius Say, 'Be Aware Of Rickety Chair'

Of course, you'll want furniture that's not only reasonably priced, but also reliable and sturdy. Be extra careful when inspecting legs of chairs that your clients will be sitting in – there's a right way and a wrong way to floor a client. Besides you don't want a string of lawsuits from visitors to your office, so be sure to check each piece for telltale hairline cracks or weak joints. If you're into modern steel-and-leather furniture, you need to look for other signs of weakness such as dents, leather rot and missing screws. However, if you're buying from a reliable source you won't have to worry about being taken for a ride. Ask if they're accredited by the Better Business Bureau, or look for the 'BBB Accredited' icon on their website. And be sure not to buy furniture from the trunk of a car owned by the guy who also sells twenty-dollar original Rolex watches from the inside of his trench-coat.

Where To Go For Cheap Furniture On Clearance

For a start, you can check out the classifieds for furniture stores that are either closing shop, overstocked, or trying to make space for seasonal collections. There are tons of resources that you could go through online such as craigslist, OLX, californiasuperads, or massachusettssuperads depending on where you live. You can also keep an eye out for signs outside office furniture stores with advertising clearance sales. Signs will usually be hard to miss, being as that's the point of putting one up. However, you could also take along a giant magnifying glass to aid your search, although it will be a little hard to explain to the local PD that you're not actually an arsonist with an agenda.

Cheap Office Furniture On Clearance: Modern Or Classic

If you're one of the early birds to a clearance sale, you will generally have a wide range of furniture to choose from. For the more professional, classic look you could go in for wooden furniture. You can usually get great deals on sites like onewayfurniture dot com. For example, you can get a classic wooden swivel chair, also known as a banker's chair, for as little as $159 against a list price of $249, or an executive computer credenza desk for $389 against a list price of $609. What's more, they'll ship it to your doorstep at no charge. If your business requires a more modernistic image, you'll love thefurniturewarehouse dot net, where you can choose from a huge list of branded furniture – all with great discounts. Stores like Target also have online operations that have a great range of products – from rich mahogany Latham desks to ultra modern computer desks all starting at under $100, although shipping charges may apply. In such a case, you can have all your items shipped together rather than as they become available, saving a few bucks in the process.