Are gardening and plant-collecting your passions? If you want to expand you garden and find rare plants to add to your collection, you can always trade plants across the country with other gardeners easily and in your spare time.

It is very simple and you can do it from home and even find gardening friends all over the country to share your passion for plants.

Exchanging plants and garden accessories with other people who garden via the internet is not only enjoyable, it is a great way to increase variety and add cute items to your personal garden. To assist you before you begin, here are some helpful rules of thumb to follow.

Initially you should search online for a site so you and other gardeners can trade with each other. and are sound websites where you can start your search for highly sought after plants that you want. In addition, you could also perform an online search using phrases such as: trading plants or cuttings online, plant trades by web, plant exchanges by mail, and so on.

Unfortunately, there are many websites which will not allow a person who is unregistered with the site to submit to their forum and some do charge a small fee to keep abusers away. Look around and find one that is suitable for you.

In order to look for a plant on most websites, you need to complete their site registration process. Once you do, look around and in the "trading or exchanges" section to find something you are dying to add to your collection.

After you've figured out what trade is good for you and if the other party agrees to the trade, you can start prepping the plants that you need to send out. Preferred plant trading times are normally at cool times annually, but some plant species are fine to ship at any time of the year. Use your best judgement, as you know your plants better than anyone else.

If it is summer, you will want to use a fast delivery service, and make sure you send your packages at the beginning of the week so they do not sit in the heat over the weekend.

By doing this, you will make sure that your plants do not spent the whole weekend in a hot atmosphere or holding spot (wherever they hold mail for the weekends). This is sure to ruin their chances of survival. You should also be sure to wrap your plants in damp towels to prep them for shipping to their destination.

Place the base of each plant, whether it be the roots or a cutting, in a plastic bag, unsealed, or in a piece of saran wrap. The best way for the plants to breathe is to leave the bags opened.

The towels that you wrap the plants in should not be overly saturated; instead they should be just moist enough to provide water to the cuttings, or plants.

Next, get a shoe box that is small and put some additional towels in it, they will act as a buffer. Close it well with tape and add any instructions on caring for the plants that you might want to pass along.

As mentioned earlier, you are strongly encouraged to mail plants, or cuttings, at the start of the week so that they reach their destination before the week is over!

It is important that you take into consideration what it is the other individual is giving to you. You want the trades to always be fair, so they will want to continue trading with you!

Remember that you should always send extras in case a few do not survive. The other gardener will appreciate the extras and it establishes a good and friendly trading relationship.

Use your best judgment and remember to be considerate of the other trader. This is not only a great way to make your garden even bigger, but it is also very inexpensive! There are no limits to what you can trade from garden pots to garden chair planters. Have fun with it and you might be able to find that rare plant to add to your collection.