Desktop backgrounds from google image search

Google image search has grown not only in the numbers of images available but also in the options to refine your search.Both the "Search Options" and "Advanced Search" allow you to be very specific when finding images.One the best and less known ways you can use Google image search is in finding cool wallpapers for your computers desktop.Using the Advanced option for Google image search will allow you to find images that perfectly fit your desktop background no matter what size screen you are using.

Finding Desktop Images With Google Image Search

Step 1. The first thing to do is head to Google image search and complete a search for the type of image you would like as your desktop background.For this example i am looking for a cool desktop image of a Ferrari.

Step 2.
Once i searched for Ferrari i clicked the "Advanced Search" option.

Step 3.
There are a number of options available, the option we are interested in is "Exact Size".This option allows us to choose the exact size of the images Google return in the results.To the far right you will see "Use my desktop size" and click search again.Now all the images in the search results will fit perfectly into your computers desktop background.

Setting The Image As Your Background

To use any of the images as your computers background simply 'Right Click' over the image and select the option "Set As Desktop Background" you now have a cool background from Google image search.Remember you can use some of the other search options to further refine the results, such as color and the type of image such as photo or line drawing.

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Good Luck !