Finding deleted Facebook posts is still possible. With new applications being created today, there is now a way to find deleted messages on Facebook. Many applications were made to find deleted messages on Facebook. Many say that what is lost is lost forever on Facebook. If you believe that then you believe a lie. Sincerely, it is now possible. Before the applications were made for specific reasons and functionality of Facebook, this task, how to find deleted messages Facebook was impossible. This is why many people believe that when you click the Delete button, it can never be recovered. So before people think it's not true. I do not blame them really because Facebook tells us that we cannot, even if we can really.

When users upload content, pictures and videos on Facebook, it is not deleted from their servers, even when the users ‘delete' it.

Has it been this way before?

It has been almost a year since the University of Cambridge researchers have discovered that Facebook and other major social networks, do not remove the server-side copies of downloaded data, the largest social networks in the world is still guilty of this sin. Since then, the site has nearly doubled in size. Now the population has the third largest country in the world, with tens of thousands of servers that contain your data, once it is downloaded to do what you want and do with it. It is therefore fair to say that while Facebook is growing exponentially every day more, questions about privacy, user data and information becomes more difficult for individual users and account holders with the police. Facebook, on the other side, roll in it and love it. Their privacy policies and our terms and conditions cover their ass so that end users can not complain because they would have expected to read before you register. More or less the same experiment by researchers at the University of Cambridge established a year ago, I tried it myself - almost a year later, in case - but only on Facebook. I uploaded a photo and a video, limited access, so that I could only use them through Facebook, where possible, and then deleted. Even if the user has explicitly deleted the contents are still stored on Facebook servers and content distribution network to directly access the hotlink. Now granted, it may take some time for the delivery system to move content to Facebook to delete all cached files, different versions and backups of the files in question. But no, it is not. It's something you can try at home. Upload an image, copy the URL directly in the image, save it somewhere for later use, delete the file and see how long you can get direct access to it. I can bet my last dollar in a month or even six month time, you will still be able to access it.

How to retrieve them

So let us try and outline how we can retrieve the deleted posts in Facebook. There are actually four ways to search deleted Facebook posts. Here are the easiest: E-mail Notifications and Saving the URL link of the deleted post. There is always someone who is sent by post, or gave you a message, a copy of the e-mail address should appear. This allows you to easily control the message back out there, if it was removed on Facebook. If you do not appear, try to look at the junk folder or spam folder, because sometimes your mail server thinks of spam messages, or spam, and automatically the corresponding folder. If you are not receiving it in your Facebook or in your junk folder or spam folder, so maybe you do not have options. This is a step-by-step guide on how to take it to the settings: First, you choose and find the account settings. Then click on the messages and only allows for the posts and messages on Facebook in order to send files to e-mail. If you saved the URL to post to the isolation mode or extended at a point of view (which is unlikely), then you've held the position. Interestingly, Facebook does not delete messages and previous messages, just leave it there in a state of hidden or invisible. Strange as it may seem, nobody seems to know why they do, but not eliminate it (if embarrassing messages that were deleted, so I feel, which is still there). The other two ways requires a little more effort. You can look for it in your browsing history. Lastly, you can use the Facebook applications. There are new Facebook applications to find deleted messages on Facebook. It's actually funny when you see all the posts that are deleted for various reasons in order. You can laugh, you laugh and you can raise your eyebrows as you read this. These applications are available as Facebook add-ons, and there are other places that may seek Facebook deleted the messages, although the process is quite complicated. Or for others, these couple of steps worked for them: Log on to Facebook on a computer. Click on "Notifications" in the upper left corner of the page. Read the messages to see if any messages containing text wall post messages on the wall. But when I tried this, it said that the post is already not available. Anyways, next is log in to the email account you use for Facebook. Type "Facebook" in the account's search bar to search for your email from Facebook. Read through emails for wall post notifications -- when Facebook emails you that someone posted on your wall, it includes the text he posted.

Let nothing be forgotten - that's a big disadvantage, because once you write something on Facebook through messages and emails are permanently stored in your account. What has been set, you cannot delete more, even messages of shame. Another disadvantage is that you lose the privacy you have, because people can see what is published openly, even if it is deleted. Users can make use of this feature and see who you are; you will feel like you left an open pant and undid the zipper.


In fact, there are things you can get with this feature. On the one hand, if you are a person who is inclined to do things by mistake (dreamer constant), then you probably will like it. Gone are the days when you will face the consequences of knowing it, click as it can get. Another advantage of this feature is that the deleted message others. Now you can know how badly or how to embarrass the message is to be removed. Hard not to laugh at jokes or messages of truth, but people laugh, he thought his secrets are safe. Basically, the biggest advantage is that it is in the end it does not work or position is not in you, leaving sigh of relief.