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With the new applications that are being made today, there is now a way to find deleted Facebook posts. You can find out how here in this article.


Nowadays, many applications have been made to find deleted Facebook posts. Many people will say that what have been lost is forever lost in Facebook. If you believe that then you believe in a lie. For your information, you now can.

What Do People Believe Before?

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Before applications were made for specific reasons and features in Facebook, this task of how to find deleted Facebook posts were impossible. That is the reason why many people believe that when you click the delete button, it can never be retrieved. Therefore, people before believe this to be not true. I don’t blame them actually because Facebook informs us that we cannot even if we actually can.

When Do You Use This New Feature?

You can use this feature whenever you have accidentally removed posts due to a mistake, sleepiness or boredom. It cannot be avoided and we have to remember also that we are only human. Another way you can use this feature is when you want to see the posts people have deleted; it might be a dirty secret they have posted, an offensive post that reveals that person’s true personality or a case of a “Frape” then you can retrieve it and enjoy reading it.

So How To Find Deleted Facebook Posts?

There are actually four ways to search deleted Facebook posts. Here are the two ways:

1. E-mail Notifications

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Whenever there is someone who posted a post or had given you a message, a copy should appear in your e-mail address. Consequently, you can easily check back the message in there in case you have deleted it in Facebook. If it does not appear, try to look at the spam folder or junk folder because sometimes your e-mail address server thinks of the notifications as junk or spam and automatically puts that in its corresponding folder.

If you are not receiving it in your Facebook or in your junk folder or spam folder, then maybe you haven’t enabled it in your settings. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to enable it in your account settings: First, you click on Account and look for Account Settings. After that, click on the Notifications and just enable the posts and messages in order for Facebook to send files in your e-mail address.

2. Saving the URL link of the deleted post

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If you have saved the URL link of the post in isolation mode or expanded in a single viewing (which is very unlikely) then you have kept the post. Interestingly, Facebook never deletes your previous posts and messages; they simply leave it there in a hidden or invisible state. Weird as it may seem, nobody seems to know except them why they don’t delete it (if you have embarrassing posts that were deleted then I’m sorry, it is still there).

3. Look for it in your history

If you are accustomed to deleting your browsing history (probably because you’re ashamed somebody might know what sites you’ve been visiting) then you might miss out this way to find deleted Facebook posts. Try to look for it in your browsing history, if you desperately want it then desperately search deleted Facebook posts even though it has been more than a week old.

4. Facebook Applications

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There are actually new Facebook applications that find deleted Facebook posts. It’s actually fun when you see every post that is deleted for different reasons in plain sight. You can laugh, you can giggle and you can raise your eyebrows from what you read. These applications are available in Facebook as add-ons and there also other sites that can search deleted Facebook posts although the process is somewhat complicated.

What Are The Advantages Of This Feature

There are actually things that you will benefit by using this feature. For one, if you are a person who is prone to do things by mistake (constant daydreamer) then you will probably love this. Gone are the days where you will face the consequences of clicking unconsciously because you can retrieve it.

Another advantage of having this feature is to know what the deleted post of other people. You can now know how bad or how embarrassing the post is that it was deleted. Laugh hard not at the jokes or posts really, but laugh at the people who thought their secrets are safe with them. Basically, the biggest advantage is that you are on the end that doesn’t own the post or the post is not about you, letting you sigh in relief.

What Are The Disadvantages Of This Feature

That nothing can be forgotten. That is a big disadvantage because once you have inputted something in Facebook through messaging and emails than that will be permanently stored in your account. What has been put in, you can not erase anymore, even the embarrassing posts. Another disadvantage is that you lose the privacy that you have since people can openly see what you have posted, even if it is deleted. People can just use this feature and see who you are, you’ll feel like you left your pants with an open zipper or unbuttoned.

“Frape” Prone

You know what a Frape is? Frape is when somebody hacks into your Facebook account and posts embarrassing or false things about you. By having this feature, whatever that has been posted bad or embarrassing about you can never be removed. Simply put, what has been done is done. It’s there – a scar you can not erase, a memory that cannot be forgotten.


If you believe that you cannot search deleted Facebook posts then you are mistaken. With this feature, you now can have access to that privilege (and curse if others have access on that and use it on your account). Simply put, it has pros and cons but if used in moderation and if used by mature people it can be a cool feature. To sum it all up, you can now find deleted Facebook posts.