Highly Recommended Dryers

Finding the perfect dryer for your needs can be a confusing task. These days, dryers so many things other than just simply dry your clothes. Poorly designed dryers can also do the opposite - they do everything BUT dry your clothes!

There are a number of different factors to consider when purchasing a dryer. Here are some common features to look for when you go to find a dryer.

1. Size - Most dryers will list their capacity in cubic feet. This is really important to consider when thinking about how much laundry you will be doing. A large family will need the highest capacity dryer you can afford. If you are in a smaller household, or prefer to do multiple, smaller loads, a smaller capacity will work. Besides washing clothes, also consider other items that will need to dried such as sheets, towels, sleeping bags, and blankets. They take up more room than you think! The most common models will vary from about 3 (compact) to 7+ cubic feet.

2. Fancy features - steam feature - Newer models of dryers may come equipped with a steam feature. This feature allows you to steam dry clothes rather than running them through the washer and normal dryer cycle. This will freshen clothes that are not dirty enough to require a full wash; this saves a lot of time. The steam feature can also be used at the end of a drying cycle to remove wrinkles from clothing. However the steam feature often will increase the price of the dryer signficantly. The steam feature can be partially duplicated by adding a wet cloth into the dryer, so the worthiness of this feature is debatable. [7473]   Another fancy feature you may be interested is the eco-cycle, which allows you to dry clothes using less power than a traditional dryer cycle.

3. Dryer speed - This is how fast the dryer will effectively dry a load of clothing. This varies based on many parameters, including load size, load wetness (i.e. if washer does not spin dry correctly), load materials (fabric types), heat selected, etc. It is very difficult to have a standard measurement to rate against. Generally, cycle times should be under an hour for the dryer to be considered efficient. Many dryer review websites will test the dryers with a typical load and on standard settings to give you an idea of how long it should take.

4. Price - This will likely be one of the most important deciding factors for the majority of people who are purchasing a dryer. The prices of dryers can vary wildly from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars! Many times, a fairly low priced dryer will be all that you really need. Do not mistake a high price tag with an equally high level of quality.

Best Dryer Picks

Considering the above factors, here are a couple of picks for best dryer. These dryers are reviewed well, have a reasonable price, and good size.

Find Dryer1.  AmanaTraditional Electric Dryer - $386.  This dryer is highly rated, and is fairly cheap as well! At 7 cubic feet, this dryer should have plenty of space for large loads or bedding. It is a basic model, meaning it does not include a touchscreen panel or expensive features. However, for the price, it does the job right! Your clothes will get dry. It even has an eco-cycle mode, a wrinkle guard (not steam) feature, and temperature controls. This model is also fairly quiet and the end of cycle signal can be disabled.


Fin Dryer2. Maytag Centennial Electric Dryer - $571. This model is slightly higher end than the Amana. It has a similar capacity, at 6.7 cubic feet, but also has a number of features that may justify the higher price, if that is what you are looking for. This model comes with a sensor that will adjust the cycle based on the measured dryness of the clothing. That means, overdrying and the possible accompanying shrinkage will be avoided. This model also has various tempareature settings to control. There is also an energy preferred settings to save power. It also runs fairly quietly and once again the end cycle buzzer can be turned off.