Find and print interesting puzzles

All you need to enjoy doing a fill-in puzzleCredit: Photo by Jane Gates

A fill-in puzzle relies less on your knowledge than it does on your ability to differentiate words. It looks much like the standard crossword puzzle, but your job is to fill in the appropriate words chosen from the supplied list. Fill-in puzzles are good exercises to keep your brain sharp and they are fun to do. Matching the length of each word to the spaces offered one at a time, you can fill in the framework until the puzzle is completed.

With the help of a number of sites on the Internet, you can find these puzzles in down-loadable formats for free. Some can be filled in directly on your computer, i Pad or other screen and some are better being printed on your printer. Printed puzzles are convenient to work on when killing time waiting in offices or lines. Sometimes they can be helpful as an exercise to keep your mind focused for some upcoming event. They can also become a relaxing way to keep your mind off of something you don't want to think about too much. Puzzles offer an excellent way to exercise the mind and help it heal from injury or to retain clarity with aging.

Look for interesting themes in your choice of puzzles. You can find topics from gardening to cars, dog names to baby names, cities to historical sites. Puzzles can be small or very large and are available in all the major languages.

Here is a list of some of the sites where you can find free fill-in printable puzzles:

Do a search on the Internet and you are likely to find more sites that offer printable puzzles that you can download. Bookmark your favorite sites or print out a stash of these games so you can take them anywhere you want. Then put those empty spaces of down time to work with fun exercises for your brain.