Birthday celebration decoration ideas

Birthday Sign

Birthdays only roll around once a year so why not have fun celebrating them? Parties are a favorite way to mark the occasion and one of the fun parts of putting together a party -- a surprise party or not – is decorating. Good decorations are easy to put together, set up and take down. That’s why birthday signs are perfect. They can drape over a corner, hang from office lights or stretch across the living room. Celebrations can be costly, so the more you can save on decorations, the better. The good news is you can find printable happy birthday signs for free on the Internet, download them, and print them out on your printer.

Signs can be printed as a single letter per page, or rolled out on a long piece of paper as a banner if you have a printer that can handle the format. In most cases you can choose your colors and fonts (lettering). To help you save time putting together the decorations for your party, here are some free sites that will make it easy to print your birthday sign.


You can also find sites for printing illustrations you can tape to walls as another form of printable decorations. Try ChubbieCubbie for children’s pictures and a wide assortment of banners, signs, cards and invitations from the American Greetings site – all for free. Your children can even color in a sign (or a coloring book) available for free from Print Or for older children or adults you can make up some of your own signs in the form of nicknames, favorite quotes or prints of favorite cartoons and print them to hang.

Most computers come with basic design tools. These programs are easy enough for most people to use even if they don’t consider themselves computer geniuses. Design and print your own free decorations on your computer using the “File” and “Page Set-Up” tabs on your word processing software. Chose your colors, fonts and even add clip art to make your own designs – for free – to impress your favorite birthday person. If your printer can handle larger formats you can print out whole signs and banners. For printers that are limited in page size, print out letters individually and hang them separately. Or piece together larger signs or illustrations.

Once you get the hang of printing signs, banners and illustrations, you can expand from birthday parties to create decorations for all your other holiday parties, too.