You really can find good quality cars under 500 dollars. I'm not talking about a vehicle that can't make it off the sales lot. I'm talking about a decent, quality vehicle that you will last you for several years. There are actually several ways to accomplish this, all of which will require a little work on your end, but will pay off when you don't need a vehicle loan. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let's take a look at some of the ways to find cars under 500 dollars.

Search for cars under 500 dollars by looking for a bank repo. You really can find a decent vehicle this way, especially these days. With the economy down in the tank, the quality of repo vehicles has risen. These days, there are more and more decent quality autos to choose from. Call some local banks and ask what they have, you just may find the auto of your dreams. It's a legitimate way to find cars under 500 dollars that will last you for several years. Give this one a shot, it does work.

Try to government auto auctions to find cars under 500 dollars. This really is a great way to land a cheap vehicle. Finding the legitimate sales can be a little tough, but it can be done. When you look into government auto auctions, you'll want to check into the ones that are being held locally. There's no point in traveling across the country, there's should be some available in your area. Government auto auctions are a good way to find cars under 500 dollars. You may even find one worth 1000's of bucks.

Do you have a friend in the automotive business? If so, you may be able to access a dealer only type of wholesale vehicle auction to find cars under 500 dollars. If you don't have such a friend, try other local auctions, paying special attention to weather conditions. Poor weather means poor attendance for outdoor auctions, giving you the chance to land good cars under 500 dollars.

This one takes some hard core guts, but it happens all the time. You can get cars under 500 dollars by offering cash for a vehicle to someone that's experiencing financial difficulties. Like I said, you need to have a strong stomach, but it can work. If you have the nerves, give it a try. Even if the vehicle is worth 1000's, you may be able to get it dirt cheap. Perhaps you can even get a decent car under 500 dollars this way. It's worth a shot, if you have the nerves.

You can occasionally get decent cheap vehicles by checking out on line auction sites, like eBay. Try making a low bid and see what happens. You really have nothing to lose. Here's a little tip to use when you try to buy cheap vehicles this way: Search for auto listings that have misspelled words. These tend to be viewed much less. Someone selling their used "Tayota" isn't likely to get many people to find the item. This gives you a chance to find good cars under 500 dollars.