Leica D-Lux 5 Digital CameraLeicaCredit: Flickr/soelin

is one of the most famous brands of cameras ever made. Leica is known as the camera brand of choice for many professional photographers. If you are serious about street photography then you either have a Leica camera in your photo bag or you have a Leica on you wish list.

Leica is not marketed the same way that Nikon and Canon cameras are. Leica does advertise, but when you go looking to buy a Leica camera you know either what you want in a camera or you have a pretty good idea that the photography bug has hit you hard. If you are willing to divorce your wife and sell your Corvette to buy the high end Leica camera then you have definitely been hit hard by the photography bug.

Leica offers a wide range of cameras. You can buy a Leica D-Lux for around $800 online. You can also find Leica cameras that cost more money than a Suzuki TU250 motorcycle. The Leica S-Cameras s2 Digital camera will cost you around $23,000, and the price is only for the body.

If you are paying money for a Leica camera you can save a lot of money by avoiding paying taxes on your camera purchase. If you buy your Leica camera from an online retailer you can usually avoid having to pay taxes on the purchase cost of your Leica digital camera. Not having to pay a sales tax can save you a lot of money on your Leica camera, especially if you are looking to buy a $23,000 Leica camera. A 6% sales tax on a $23,000 Leica digital camera body will save you around $1,380! Use the money you save to buy some additional lenses or photography equipment.

Another huge benefit to buying a Leica Camera online is that you will be able to find the cameras cost less than your local photography store. I am all for supporting local businesses but when I can save tons of money by buying my photography equipment online then I will do so.

Find Leica Digital cameras on sale is a fun adventure. Once you have decided on the Leica camera model you desire then the research begins. Amazon is often the first stop when people are researching for discount Leica Cameras. Amazon will allow you to see prices from Amazon and the various camera retailers that sell Leica cameras online.

B&H Photo is another great spot to look for discount Leica models. B&H has an awesome reputation and has been around for many years. There are numerous other photography websites that sell Leica digital cameras, but Amazon and B&H Photo are often the best places to find Leica digital cameras on sale.

Buy Refurbished

Photographers often shy away from buying refurbished cameras. Buying refurbished cameras is actually better than buying a brand new camera. You will get a brand new looking camera that is actually checked over by the manufacturer and ensured to be working properly. When a camera comes off the assembly line they only check a few by hand in each batch to ensure the cameras function properly but when you buy a manufacturers refurbished camera you can be sure that the camera has been inspected and tested by hand by an expert who works for the camera company.