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With the high foreclosure rate in the poor economy many people are losing their homes on a daily basis. Sure they often can stay until they are at the point of eviction but the action shows up on your credit reports. Not everyone who loses their home find out they can’t get a new place to live. There are many people who rent house with bad credit every day. So when looking to the answer for find me a home or find me a house to rent there are some tips that may help you answer the dilemma of find me a house.

Tip #1) Always Know Your Credit Rating Before You Look

Before you lose your home or if it coming close to losing your home make sure you have a current copy of your credit report if you are going to look to rent house with bad credit in your search to find me a home. Of course not everyone with bad credit rentals seeking somewhere to live has lost a home through foreclosure people have bad credit reports for many other reasons so when looking to find me a house have that credit report knowledge in your possession. No surprises are the best policy for bad credit rentals.

Tip #2) Have Past References In Hand

If you do indeed have a bad credit report and need to say find me a home yet your bad credit rentals are hard to locate if you have letters or referrals from people you have rented from before you can rent house with bad credit by proving you have always kept up with your lease or rental payments. So when looking to find me a house to rent have some references on hand plus the current telephone number or email address so those references can be checked.

Tip #3) Have Explanations Ready

When trying to find me a house to rent and want to rent house with bad credit along with your credit report make sure you have written explanations for each negative credit reporting item on that report. You can find yourself a house to rent when setting out to find me a house depending where you choose to look. To rent house with bad credit just requires a bit of initiative so you do answer the quest to find me a home. And have those explanations ready too on paper preferably printed off from your computer so they are legible.

Tip #4) Show Your Employment Is Steady

Sometimes being employed is the key to answering the questions of find me a home. Bad credit rentals are available if you have employment and can show you have been employed gainfully for quite some time. Also to find me a house to rent make sure you can show you have almost always have steady employment and received a paycheck and you will find me a house soon.

Tip #5) Guarantors Can Come In Handy

One way to get past bad credit rentals when trying to find me a house is to come up with a co-signer or guarantor. Just remember if you leave in the middle of the night and have past rent due that co-signer or guarantor will have to come up with the money that you did not pay to your landlord. There are different ways to get a co-signer but if your parents are willing to do it then you will get a positive answer to find me a house to rent.

Tip #6) Seek Homes With Friends Or Roommates

Of course another option to rent with bad credit is to find a roommate that would be willing to join you on the lease and also live in the house with you. Of course this person would have to have decent credit if the prospective landlord requires a credit report to rent the home out. Not all people who have homes for rent require a credit report however. Often single family home owners don’t ask for credit reports as often as do apartment landlords.

Tip #7) Slip Under The Radar

Not all landlords require credit checks. If you look in the ads in the newspaper you may find landlords who really don’t care about credit checks. Often these are just people who have a vacant house that needs a tenant and if they like you just may have found yourself a rental to live in. Also if you don’t mind moving from house to house some people want a caretaker for their home while they reside in another location and you may just find a home that way. Referrals are another way to slip into a home without credit reports.

Tip #8) Try Going With A Realtor

Often when people have a home they want to rent for whatever reason they turn the home over to a realtor. This realtor may have a portion of their business in managing rentals for people so they stay rented and this realtor will know what is available for potential renters with bad credit. If so then you may just find a home to rent by going through a realtor.

Tip #9) Offer To Pay A Higher Deposit That Normal

If you do have to consider renting form a landlord who requires a credit report then since you are prepared with the reasons for the bad report you can also offer to pay a few months in advance or offer a larger security deposit. However this kind of ties the landlord’s hands if he wants to evict you so they may not accept that offer.

Tip #10) Ask Questions About Rental Requirements Upfront

Before you even fill out an application for a rental ask exactly what they require from a renter to be considered. This is not being pushy but you simply are inquiring what is necessary to get that house to live in. If one of the first things is a credit report and you have bad credit then simply say thank you and leave to look at another place to rent and ask the same question.