numbersAccording to the latest U.S. census report, they are approximately 2,909,357 registered nurses that are licensed in the United States and the current number of positions available for nurses in the United States is close to 3 millions.

These numbers are obviously telling us many things which includes the fact that in order to hire the best nurses available, hospitals and other healtccare facilities have to be more agresssive in their hiring process.

This brings us to the main topic as to why using emails to find nurses for your hospital of healthcare facility is a fast and efficient way to hire nurses.

How to E-Mail nurses

Step One - Find a Good List of Nurses

Before you can start emailing potential nurses for your hospital, first you have to find a list of nurses. They are several ways to find such a list which include:

Board of Nursing - There is a board of nursing in every State as it is is mandatory for a nurse that intends to practice in a State to register with them. Many of them are willing to sell their list of nurses so that is a good start.

Nursing Job Boards - These websites are made as a connection point between nurses and employers. They are nursing job boards where you can find nurses. The trick is to find one that has an active community. Most job boards are willing to let you rent their list of nurses.

Nursing Schools - What better place to find a nurse then in a nursing school? Nursing schools pride themselves in beinga ble to find their alumni a job right after their graduate and are more then happy to help you find them for a fee starting from selling their list of alumni to having a booth at their job fair.

Step Two - Email Content

Email content is divided into 4 parts where each part is crucial to the success of the email campaign.

The first part is to have a good subject line for the email. The subject line must be something that is catchy without sounding like an advertisment.

The second part is made up of the title and the images in the email. Images are a good way to catch someone's attention but the title must be short, straight to the point and eye-catching as well.

The third part is the content itself. Its an email so you do not want to have a long drawn out email. You want the email content to reflect the title and give just enough information about the job you are offering. using bullets points is suggested as it helps to make the email cleaner while at the same time giving out pertinent information about the purpose of the email.

The Fourth Part is the call to action. What do you want the nurse to do after they read the email? Do you want them to fill out an online application? Do you want them to call a phone number? This is where you give them easy to follow instructions.

Step Three - Enjoy the Responses

enjoy The next step is to simply wait for the responses. If you were able to obtain a good quality list and came up with a winning email then you have nothing to worry about.

Most people do not get it right the first, second third of 20th time. So just be patient and learn from your mistakes.