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Facebook privacy is quiet good and most users feel safe with the options provided.But have you ever wondered Who is looking at my Facebook profile ? Although Facebook do not provide this information you can answer the question.So how do you find out who is looking at your facebook profile.

There are actually a number of outside services that can give you this information but one of the best is called UnFaced.UnFaced give you a snippet of code that will track who is looking at your Facebook profile and you can check the results plus extra information on their site.

UnFaced is also free to use and just requires you to create an account with a valid Email.

"...Have you ever wondered who looks at your Facebook profile and how often? UnFaced.com enables you to 'kind of track' this. After creating a free account we give you a special link that you copy/paste right onto your Facebook profile..."

Here are the step required to find who looks at your Facebook profile

1. Go to www.unfaced.com .

2. Sign Up For Your Free Account.

3. Grab The Code Provided And Paste It Into Your Facebook Profile Where Shown.

4. Log in anytime you want to check who looked at your Facebook Profile.

Remember you should always make sure your Facebook privacy settings are updated and only the people you want can access your information.Make sure to check out the Top 10 Games On Facebook.