Finding someone using their cell phone number is not as hard as it sounds. With so many people finding directories and websites out there today, you'd be surprised just how simple it is.

Today, millions of people automatically go to a whitepages online to locate a person's home phone number or address. But finding someone by their mobile number, could seem a little trickier. Mobile phone directories, even online, are relatively new. These directories are typically just reverse phone lookup databases, which enable people to do a search on a telephone number. And since most people only have cell phones as their primary number, many of these reverse directories are becoming increasingly popular.

 Let's face it, we often lose track of people we care about. They move away and get new jobs. Sometimes life happens we get so busy and wonder whatever happened to so and so. So what happens when you only have a person's cell phone number and you want to know where they are? Fortunately, there are many ways to find where they are located by just having a wireless number.

 Many people don't know that the first six digits, also known as an NPA-NXX, identifies where the person purchased the phone, lived or the location the person requested to have the number served out of.

 Can I Find Someone by Their Cell Phone Number?

Yes you can, absolutely. The first step is to know that there are a ton of directories out there that can help.

 Here are a few steps to help:

  • Do an internet search on the cell phone number: Sometimes people use their mobile phone for their business and personal number. And if they've done any marketing what so ever, check to see if they've listed their cell phone number anywhere along with an associated business address.

  • Extract the NPA-NXX to find the location where the mobile was purchased at, for example 555-122 of a mobile can tell you what city and state it is served out of. This is also called the NPA-NXX. The first 6 digits may provide a clue as to where the person lives. Do an internet search on the first six digits to come up with the city and state. Take the city and state and plug into a white page directory.

  • Go to a reverse lookup site like and enter in the mobile or cell phone number to find someone by their cell phone number. Many times these directories will have address information if the person ever used it for contact information.

 So yes, it is entirely possible to find someone using their cell phone number. Start with the easiest way, by just doing an internet search entering in the entire number into the search bar and then go on to some of the free look up tools online. You might be surprised that you find the person you are looking for relatively easily.

 What other ideas do you have to find someone using their cell phone number?