Believe it or not you can get a great workout each day in just fifteen minutes.  A fifteen minute workout may not sound like a lot but it will give you enough time to perform resistance exercises and cardiovascular training.  The key is performing your exercises in rapid succession with little rest between movements and sets.  This will allow your muscles to rest very little between movements causing them to remain fatigued longer which in tern leads to greater strength gains as well as an increased cardiovascular benefit.


The great thing is that a fifteen minute workout can be done practically at anytime.  Mornings or evenings are ideal workout times for most people to find time that adhere to a typical workday schedule.  Mornings work well for many folks as this will allow time for showering and grabbing a quick meal before heading out to work.  Evening times also work well as for most folks they have some down time after work to catch up on responsibilities and activities like exercise.


An example workout may include a 6 minute jog around the block followed by a rotation of 5 sets of pushups, 5 sets of leg squats, 5 sets of sit ups and topped off with 2 minutes of jumping jacks.  The key to this workout is including a variation of cardiovascular and resistance training and doing so in rapid succession, to allow very little rest for the body so it can get greater benefit from the workout.


Incorporate free weights and you can create countless variations of resistance training exercises to include your fifteen minute workout.  With the use of free weights, you can expand on the different exercises you perform for each muscle group.  If you have some dumbells and a bench, you can perform presses and flying movements that work the chest as well as overhead dumbell presses and front, lateral and rear raises that work the shoulder muscles.  Having a loaded barbell will also allow you to perform rows, deadlifts and shrugs that work the back and hamstring muscles.  Using a weighted barbell behind the shoulders or a dumbell in each hand will allow you to perform many variations of squats and lunges that work the leg muscles and pressing movements for the calves.  Using dumbells and barbells will allow you to perform many different curling and extending movements for the bicep and tricep muscles respectively.  If you have access to a gym, it would be great as you would have access to all of this and more, but if not a simple set of barbells, dumbells and the accompanying plates will suffice but again, this too is not absolutely necessary.


Utilizing different types of cardiovascular training will also compliment and add flavor to your fifteen minute workout.  In addition to jogging or running, you can include bicycling, swimming (if you have quick access), stair climbing (up a flight and down repetitively), martial arts, kickboxing or aerobics. 


The choices are many in what you choose to include in your workout, just make sure to include both resistance and cardiovascular training, and rest very little between sets and movements to not only save time and maintain quick workouts, but give your body a short burst of intense work that will benefit you greatly and help you to stay healthy.