With so many vacation destinations available to us around the world, what about finding a place that is not only a vacation spot, but can also contribute to our overall wellness?

There certainly is no shortage these days of people trying to look good physically, and although that is important to overall health, what about the other parts of our being? More people should be concerned with finding a health program that covers everything including body, mind, and spirit. After all, we're all getting older and at some point we won't be able to do all the things we once did physically, but at best we hope to still have our mind and spirit.

hotel (15540)There are places that are beginning to become quite popular vacation destinations known as wellness hotels. Originally started as places for family members to stay while the received treatment at nearby medical facilities, they are now becoming complete health and wellness destinations within themselves. For example the Kahler Grand in Rochester MN is famous for it's proximity to the Mayo Clinic through which its offering numerous health and wellness related services. Some wellness hotels team up with local medical facilities yet others offer complete health and wellness mega-plexes. Like Cooper Aerobics Institute in Texas which is a complete campus and school for health and wellness practitioners.

These vacation spots are becoming popular with large corporations and organizations as well. With the rise in health care costs, companies of all sizes are looking for ways to reduce their overall health care costs. By reducing claims with preventative techniques, organizations are hoping to make big dent in future health care related costs. As a result, many of these hotels offer complete wellness packages targeted specifically for large companies, and more precisely at their executive and senior staff members. Some companies offer vacation vouchers to executives who wish to spend time at one of these wellness destinations to recharge and learn about healthy living habits.

Some locations like Canyon Ranch Resort just outside Tucson AR offers a "peak performance" package that can help you elevate your golf or tennis game. They offer a wide range of packages but some do run fairly expensive. For example the price at Canyon Ranch for the peak performance golf package is $3,080 for a four night stay. However, the key here is, like most wellness hotels, is the quality of personalization and the education. They don't just show you how to get in shape but they help educate you so you can maintain a more health lifestyle long after you leave their facility.

Another health MegaPlex example is the Cooper Aerobic Institute in Texas. The Cooper institute is more of a complete corporation with a wellness lodge (for the vacationers and those seeking a healthier get away) but also a complete educational institution dedicated to health and wellness.

It's great to see more of these types of vacation spots open up. It seems that so many people are concerned with how they look physically, that more should be done to not only educate ourselves about living a healthier lifestyle, but maintaining all aspects of personal health in mind, body, and spirit. Honestly I think a nice long weekend stay at some type of wellness spa would be great enjoyable. Although my wife and I love to SCUBA dive, most of the time we enjoy sitting around and relaxing. However, most of these wellness destinations can be quite expensive so until the price of living healthier becomes more economical, most of us will have to figure out a cheaper way to educate ourselves.