if you are looking to find wholesale body jewelry online, you should pay attention to a few simple things that you can do in order to make sure that the jewelry you find will be of high quality and that you will receive it in a timely fashion without any hangups from the supplier. It is important to check any company you are going to be doing business with online against the Better Business Bureau. It is also wise to price compare them to ask questions of any potential vendors you wish to purchase from. Finally, checking a wholesale body jewelry suppliers reputation online is always a good idea. Pay attention to the following article and you will find great deals on quality jewelry. One of the first things you should do when considering doing business over the Internet is to check the company against the Better Business Bureau. It only takes one or two minutes and can save you a great deal of hassle in the long run. The website, WWW.BBB.ORG will quickly tell you that the company has had any complaints filed against it. Keep in mind that when a company does a high volume business, that they are often will be a pretty good chance that someone has made a complaint regardless of how impeccably a business caters to their clientele. Is part of the territory when doing high volume business. But if you find that a company gives you a bad feeling, move onto the next one. Price shopping is a no-brainer. You can easily find a quick list of vendors for good, wholesale body jewelry by using Google and adding the search terms "order", "price", and "shipping". By using these modifiers, it will ensure that the pages that come up in your search are companies that are directly selling goods. Often, when you do a search for something like body jewelry, you may get pages like this one that are not selling goods but are relaying information. Doing this will cut your search time and half. You will become much more efficient at quickly discovering the pages on a vendor's site that show their prices and shipping information. Finally, it is always good to check the reputation of a company you are thinking of doing business with. If a body jewelry supplier has done bad business, there will be evidence of this on the Internet. A good way to discover whether or not people are complaining about a particular company is to Google the company's name followed by the words again quote scam", "ripoff", "poor customer service", and or "no reply". As I mentioned before, customer complaints are a part of doing business, specially with large volumes of customers. If you look on a forum and there is only a single person who continually complains about a company, it is pretty evident that they have an ax to grind or a chip on their shoulder. A good skill that you will develop is learning how to differentiate between a poster who is competent and one who is simply spamming the forum or has a personal agenda to push. One way you can determine this is by looking at the number of posts the person has made as well as how everyone on the forum treats that poster. Just because someone has a large number of posts and says that a particular body jewelry supplier gave them poor service this does not mean that that company is a bad vendor. Often times, competitors will create fake profiles and bad mouth competitors in an effort to get ahead. This is why you should pay attention to how other people treat those who make complaints. If other people are simply ignoring the person were fighting with them asking them to quit posting, you can be fairly certain that this person should be ignored. If you follow these simple guidelines, checking the Better Business Bureau, comparing prices, and paying attention to a company's reputation by monitoring online forums, you can be certain that you will receive quality jewelry at good prices with good customer service. Now stop wasting time, go out there and do your homework -- you will be rewarded with a good quality product to sell!