The number of Americans who filed chapter 7 and chapter 13 stand at 1,470,849, so if you are declaring yourself bankrupt then rest assured you are not alone. But before you file for bankruptcy, find an attorney who can assist you in the best way possible. The laws have been changed since 2005 which has made the process more complex, a bankruptcy attorney will provide both quality legal counseling and services including the completion of all relevant paperwork. This ensures you don't make any errors while filing for bankruptcy.Choose Bankruptcy Assistance with the Help of a Friend of Family Referral

When choosing a legal representation to assist you, seek help from friend or other contacts who could have already filed for bankruptcy. A number of people have gone through the same process so getting them to share any advice or recommend a bankruptcy attorney is a step in the right direction. A research online for information about the legal representative could also help. The Better Business Bureau rates bankruptcy attorneys and the service provided through assessments provided by the customers they have represented in the past. Checking up their ratings allows you to choose the best. Verification and research is necessary so that you don't end up with those who are more interested in making money and not bothered about quality service.Take Advantage of the Free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Initial Consultation

One of the most effective ways of choosing a bankruptcy attorney is a direct meeting. Meeting the potential representative will allow you to asses the work ethics of the person and decide if they are trustworthy.

Bankruptcy attorneys are great at persuading and talking smooth, so don't take everything you are told at face value. Call up their office, after the consultation, and ensure that you are able to get in touch with the person you met. If the person is unavailable, do you get a call back either from the attorney or a junior attorney?Assessing the Cost of Help with Bankruptcy

Many alternative sources of legal help is available for those filing bankruptcy, these include services commonly called 'bankruptcy mills' that are offered at a discount. But they have been known to make costly mistakes and have been widely criticized. They don't provide quality service and are known to be rushed and highly unprofessional. The time they can devote depends on the amount you are willing to spend.

Hiring an attorney also involves expenses. Before you pay the legal fees, get a complete breakdown of the service and fee charged for each. Find out the total charges involved and also if any extra fees are included.Getting the Best Advice on Bankruptcy Proceedings

When you file for bankruptcy you wouldn't want any additional expenses, given the financial situation. So hiring a lawyer may not seem important but it is actually a worthy investment. An attorney can help you with legal advice, assistance with paperwork and ensure that you don't make any costly mistakes.

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