Amtrak isn't just a train, it can be a delightful mode of transportation for the family vacation. Whether you decide to ride across the country or prefer to just go up and down the seaboard, you won't be disappointed with the moving views, the interesting landscape and the fun.
There are so many options with riding Amtrak, but before you even consider them, you need to consider how to get a good deal. Being that Amtrak is the only train in town, you might need to be creative.

Things You Will Need

* Traveling by train
* Internet
* Computer
* Upcoming vacation

Step 1

Start by considering what days you would like to vacation. Peak times for Amtrak (and are less deals) is during the summer. At this time, unless you books months and months in advance, you are looking at full fair. It might be a better choice to vacation towards the end of summer or beginning of fall for the best deals.

Step 2

Check the vacation packages for Amtrak before actually checking the individual train ticket prices. The ticket is discounted in the package prices making it worth taking a look!

Step 3

Consider the USA Rail Pass. This is a pass where you can travel for 15 days of unlimited journeys. Across country or even city to city, this is a great deal for two weeks of limited planning adventures.

Step 4

Try to book as far in advance as possible. This may mean you start looking for tickets for a summer trip 9 or 10 months before planning to get on the train. Advance vacation planning is always good, but with the train absolutely essential to get the right prices.

Step 5

If you can't find what you are looking for your last step needs to be talking to a travel agent about your train travel. They maybe able to work with travel bookers who can lower the cost of the actual train tickets.
Amtrak is a wonderful way to see the countryside of the United States. And what better way to enjoy it even more at a discount!

Tips & Warnings