Have you recently moved, or are you looking for a change in dining room decor? Trying to sort through the myriad of styles and materials can be a hassle, especially if you want furnishings that are contemporary but will provide timeless value. If you're lost among the many options available, glass dining room tables will come to your rescue with their elegance, ease of cleaning, and ability to match almost any set of furnishings. A glass dining room table coordinates with many styles and you can find one to fit any budget. Glass itself is relatively inexpensive, it is the base of the table that really determines the cost, as well as what type of furniture will match best with it.

Glass dining room tables will complement everything from Benares brass to chrome appliances, and nearly every look from Victorian to new-age. The composition of your dining table's frame can alter the look of your whole dining room, and is key in selecting the appropriate one for your home.

Glass Dining Room Table Styles

Glass dining room tables can look hip and contemporary, or classic and cozy; It all depends on their foundation. Some have a wooden base, adding warmth with their vintage feel. Wood, having been the predominant material used in furniture for centuries, has a timeless quality to it, and most people have a strong affinity for the substance. Juxtaposing the modern look of a glass tabletop with a wooden base may seem odd to some, but the effect can work quite well with classic furniture sets when you want an easy to clean tabletop.

Some glass dining room tables have metal frames that provide a chic, modern look that compliments almost any minimalist or contemporary furniture. Metal frames are also quite durable, making them an excellent investment. Odds are good that your great-grandkids could use your glass dining room table, assuming the item is still in vogue.

Dining Room Table Accessories: Chairs

As we don't eat standing up, chairs are also a prime consideration to take into account when shopping for a dining room table set. Will you take the ones that come as part of a set with the table, or would you rather mix and match? Do you want chairs with more padding, or with a higher back? What about color scheme? While your glass dining room table is largely transparent, it will be quite obvious if your chairs don't match the color scheme in the room.

In any case, you'll want chairs that compliment your new glass table and match one another. If you've got a metal framed table, select chairs that are also framed in metal. If not, at least select a material that compliments the sleek, modern look of this type of frame. Also, you'll want chairs that are comfortable enough to sit in for the duration of the meal. Modern design is great, but functionality is still a key component of any dining room table set.

If you have a wooden framed glass dining room table, you need not go with wooden chairs, as contemporary pieces still match this type of frame. That being said, wooden chairs might very well be the perfect choice. You and your family will have to do the deliberating and deciding.

Shopping for your Glass Dining Room Table

Furniture stores like Pier 1, Pottery Barn, or HOM Furniture are recommended spots to begin your search for a glass dining room table. No matter which of these shops you have in your hometown, you'll find a wide selection of high quality glass dining room tables and chairs to match. Consider your selection an investment and consider selecting a set that suits your style both now and for the coming years. With the selection offered at the major furniture stores, looking at the various styles is half the fun.

Amazon.com also has a variety of glass dining room table sets available if you prefer shopping online. The convenience of having a huge number of table sets at your fingertips cannot be overstated. You might also be able to find a great deal not available in your local stores. Even if you don't want to purchase online, you may want to conduct some preliminary research here - just to see what's out there.

Benefits of Glass Dining Room Tables

Besides being new, what's so special about a glass dining room table? Traditional solid wood tables are still available, as they have been for quite some time. So why are glass tables en vogue? Is it just the novelty? In a way, the answer to that last question is yes. Glass tables look chic and contemporary, with their sleek lines and reflective tops. People like to keep up with the Joneses, to keep their homes and decor up to date. A glass dining room table is an easy way to update a room. Glass dining room tables lend rooms a quality that is elusive with a solid wood table.

Many homes suffer from a lack of natural light flowing into the home. The placement of your house on the street, in relation to the trees in your yard, or the size and placement of windows can leave your home looking dark. Instead of adding artificial lighting, a glass dining room table will help allow light to move through the room, reflecting natural light off its surfaces, brightening the room. Traditional wooden tables lack this quality, especially those in darker hues such as mahogany. Dark wooden tables absorb light both with their opacity and deep shade. You'd be surprised at the vast difference this makes in brightening up a very dark dining room.

If you're quite busy and have little time to maintain a wooden table, a glass table would be great for your home. A glass dining room table needs to be cleaned to stay beautiful. It does not need to be maintained and treated like a traditional wooden table. A quick wipe or wash before and after meals to remove stains, streaks, and finger prints will be all that is needed on a regular basis to keep your glass dining room table looking like new for years to come.