Find a Cheap Hemorrhoids Cure

Find a Cheap Hemorrhoids Cure

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Some need for information about an external or internal hemorrhoid treatment which is a cheap and natural hemorrhoid treatment.

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If you are looking for a cheap hemorrhoids cure, sometimes you don't need to look any further than your diet. Hard stools can irritate hemorrhoids, and straining with bowel movements if you become constipated can either cause hemorrhoids or make them worse. If you simply add more foods that contain water and fiber to your diet, such as natural fruits and vegetables, whole grains and bran, your stool will be softer, preventing irritation to hemorrhoids. Softer stools will also mean less straining with bowel movements.

It is also advisable to avoid foods that contain strong spices, or beverages that contain caffeine. While these ingredients generally won't make hemorrhoids get worse, they can cause discomfort and are best avoided. Often these dietary changes may be all that will be necessary to help alleviate a hemorrhoid problem, and give them a chance to heal naturally.

Step 2

Warm baths and sitz baths are another hemorrhoids cure which has practically no cost at all. By soaking the affected area in warm water, and possibly alternating with cold compresses or an ice bag, you can greatly reduce the pain and itch of hemorrhoids.

Step 3

There are also some natural astringents that are quite inexpensive that can be used as a homemade hemorrhoids cure. These include aloe vera gel or liquid, witch hazel, or apple cider vinegar. Applying these natural astringents with a clean cotton ball can be very helpful to hemorrhoids. A strong tea made from yarrow can also be used as a homemade remedy which can be helpful for hemorrhoids.

Step 4

Exercise is also beneficial as a hemorrhoids cure. Exercises such as walking can help improve circulation, which can be beneficial. However, you should avoid exercises such as lifting heavy weights, as this can often aggravate or even cause hemorrhoids. If you sit for long periods of time, take short breaks and move around to help improve circulation.

Step 5

If you do require some medication to manage your hemorrhoid problem, over-the-counter creams, preparations and suppositories are an inexpensive hemorrhoids cure which can be quite effective. These creams contain ingredients which soothe and cool hemorrhoid tissues, reducing the pain and itch. They also can be beneficial to help reduce the swelling.


Tips & Warnings

Most hemorrhoids are not serious and can be managed by simple remedies like this effective natural hemorrhoid remedy.