Find a FAST Bed Wetting Cure

Find a FAST Bed Wetting Cure

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about how to stop bed wetting with natural treatments such as an effective bed wetting alarm.

Step 1

The first step in finding a bed wetting cure quickly and effectively is to first look at the specifics of the situation you are in. Look at things such as the age of the child you are working with, since age can often help determine what type of bedwetting cure will work the best. Another thing to look at when trying to find a fast bedwetting cure is to assess the stress level of the individual with the problem, and to see if they have any other medical problems that could be blamed for this issue.

Step 2

The age of the individual is probably the most important factor when looking for a bedwetting cure, since bedwetting is very common in children age six and younger. If this is the case, a cure is simple and fast, and takes just a little bit of work – start by not allowing the child much to drink during the last few three hours before bedtime. This is a great cure because the root of the problem is most likely coming from a full bladder when going to sleep, and this plus a trip to the toilet before heading to bed ensures the bladder will be as empty as possible before falling asleep. Alternatively, if the bed wetting person is older – such as in middle or high school – the problem is most likely linked to an infection or other medical problem. It is best to see a doctor to diagnose the issue and discuss options to fix it.

Step 3

Another way to determine a bed wetting cure that will work for your child is to think about how they have been behaving lately, and how their home and school life is. Excessive amounts of stress, from issues such as bullies at school or the recent death or a close pet at home, can often contribute to trouble sleeping at night. In turn, bedwetting can start or worsen since the individual is no longer sleeping as soundly, and their routine is not as consistent as before. A way to cure this problem fast is to have a talk with the child and help them work through their stress related problems, which should help end the bedwetting in no time.

Step 4

Finally, the most important thing factor in a bed wetting cure is to remember two things. One, the problem cannot and will not be fixed in just one night, so don't expect it to be. And second, the best way to end bedwetting and cure it fast is with support from family and other loved ones, especially with younger children.


Tips & Warnings

In young children, bedwetting can often occur at friends homes during overnight visits. To save them from an unneeded embarrassment, have them wear over night underwear, which are both discreet and worry-free.

One of the easiest ways to train children to stop bed wetting is by using a reliable bed wetting alarm. They really work, and you'll find that most kids actually enjoy using the alarm because they are actively taking part in solving their own problem. It's a win-win situation for children and parents.