We all love a really good book, but sometimes no matter how hard we try, we all, at times, fall into that pithole of not being able to find a good book that we really enjoy. So in this guide, I'm going to be offering you a few simple tips about How To Find a Good Book.

Things You Will Need

Yourself and a sense of honesty into your own opinions, feelings and emotions.

Pen and Paper

The Internet

Common Sense

Step 1

Sit yourself down with a Pen and Paper and write down the titles of several books that you have read and absolutely loved! Look at that list and write down what it was that you liked about those books; setting, genre, characters etc

Step 2

Head over to the Amazon.com website and try typing in the title of the books of your list, and perhaps even the genres. Look at the suggestions, analyse them, and decide if they sound appealing. Never feel that just because Amazon has suggested a book that you have to buy it. If it appeals, see if your local library has it, that way you'll save money.

Step 3

Go into your local library or book shop and read the "Recommendations", sometimes these hold secret gems that you might never have thought of!

Step 4

Once you have a potential book in your hand (you can sometimes do this on website too), read the first page (or first few pages if necessary); if you get through it quickly, it's fair to say that you will enjoy the book. But, if you struggle, get bored etc, try reading sections further along and if that still doesn't arose an interest, then put it back and look again.

Step 5

Talk to Book Sellers, they are paid to help you, and are usually quite happy to help. Tell them what you usually enjoy and they will see what they can do for you. Again, don't feel obliged to buy anything they recommend, only buy something if you truly thinkthat you will enjoy it.

Step 6

Never be afraid to stop reading a book if you decide that you are not enjoying it. It's wasting your time, and you won't thank yourself for it. Recognising what you do not enjoy in a book, is a perfect first step towards realising what you do enjoy.

Step 7

Ask friends (hopefully with similar tastes) to recommend books that you might enjoy.

Step 8

Go on book websites or forums and look at what books have had rave reviews, then look at the books and decide if it sounds interesting to you.

Step 9

Be honest with yourself. Happy Reading.

Tips & Warnings

I must reiterate, that it is so important not to feel "forced" into buying anything you are not sure about! If you are recommended a book, politely say you'd like to think about it, and go home and look into the book further on line, or even ask for other people opinions.