Heart Rate Monitor Without Chest Strap

Tired of strapping on your cardiac monitoring equipment? Seeking alternatives to replace your cumbersome chest strap heart rate monitor? Read on and learn how.

Polar, with its RS 100 and 3000 models will not only win you heart, but also your pocket. Hire a personal trainer at an affordable price with Polar RS 3000. In addition to measuring the heart rate, speed and distance measured, while you are working out, transfer the data to Polar's website and estimate your calorie expenditure.

Polar RS 100 allows you to gauge your heart rate hands-free! Set your goals on the wireless monitor in accordance to feasible aerobic zones and monitor your progress on the LED screen. Applaud yourself when you analyze the calories you have successfully burned while sweating.

As the name is self-descriptive, Bowflex basic heart rate monitor without chest strap allows you to monitor your heart's progress during any exercise regime from a distance. This strapless device displays the time and your heart rate for immediate calculation of your status. Alternatively, you can store the information for referring to your physician, gym instructor or personal trainer. Since the heart beats in synchronization with your current activity, you are required to switch between settings for optimal use.

Now, with Cardiosport Ultima PC you can obtain accurate ECG results within moments. The interval timer registers both time and heart rate, and then computes the average heart rate and pace. The result is shown in percentage (%). Additionally, the monitor offers hi/low target zones and countdown timer.

Willing to spend few extra bucks for a technologically advanced heart rate monitor without chest strap? Look no further. With Garmin Forerunner 405, keep an eye on your continuous heart rate and pace, while calculating the calories burned on an LCD screen. This watch is the ultimate device to target your exercise. Set your objectives for either heart rate or speed, and track your performance with a vibrating or alarm alert. Download your workout summary and calculate the strength of your heart.