The last year in high school is an exciting time for many students. Deciding on which college and major to pursue is on the minds of many high school seniors as they work hard to earn good grades, participate in extracurricular activities and prepare for their admission essays. Paying for a college education is one of the biggest expenses for many families. The rising cost of college tuition makes it a challenge to finance. If you’re a Hispanic student, luckily there are many Hispanic scholarships that you can take advantage of.

It used to be the case that to earn a college scholarship, you would need exceptional academic results, top athletic performance or demonstrate a financial need. These days the number of Hispanic scholarships available has increased, giving those who simply apply a chance to earn one. In fact, hundreds of scholarships remain uncollected when they don’t receive applications for them.

Hispanic scholarships are made available through generous contributions by various businesses and organizations. Giving back to the Latino community and supporting the academic endeavors of these students are factors behind this motivation. It’s not difficult to find these scholarships and whether you’re eligible for them if you know where to look.

Some Hispanic scholarships are geared towards students who enroll in a specific field of study in their first year at university. Many others are given to students in subsequent years of study; this is done to reward students who have achieved success in their freshman years and have built a strong foundation for their higher education.

Hispanic scholarships available to students entering their first year of college

General Motors Corporation offers a Hispanic scholarship for students who are enrolling in an engineering or business degree program. The value of the award is $2500 and requires applicants to have U.S. residency status as well as be of Hispanic background. The GPA requirement is a minimum of 3.0 and students must have applied for financial aid. As an added bonus, summer internships at GM are offered to winners of their Hispanic scholarship. Candidates who make it to the semi finalist stage also need to pass the GM online assessment to receive awards.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is another organization that provides scholarships. U.S. citizenship or permanent residency status is required. Eligible students can apply for numerous awards worth anywhere from $2500 to $5000. Students must secure at least a 3.0 GPA and are set to graduate from high school. In addition to this, applicants must submit documented evidence showing that they’ve applied for financial assistance.

Hispanic scholarships are also given to students by the Hispanic College Fund. Similar eligibility requirements include U.S. legal residency, a 3.0+ GPA and intention to enroll as a full-time university student. They offer a general scholarship fund with no specific requirements; awards are worth $500 to $5000 each.

Given that college expenses represent a major financial burden for many students, Hispanic scholarships are a good way to help finance an education. Putting in a reasonable amount of time can certainly pay off in the future. Maintaining a strong work ethic throughout college will help you keep those scholarships that you earn.