The image in America today is that the dream is dead. People have spent less in the last two years in a row. A drop in spending like this has not occurred since the great depression. The economy is no longer slowing. It has stopped. First homes lost value, then owners lost homes. Real Estate agents sold less, making Escrow companies idle. Developers who employed hundreds of people found themselves unable to obtain building loans for homes no one could afford to buy. Architects, metal workers, roofers and painters alike found themselves with little to do. As money grew tight people cut down on extras such as eating out an buying items. Making restaurant workers the next group to be hit with unemployment. Store chains, even old ones, with poor infrastructure or dysfunctional company policies found themselves unable to compete with the better run companies and quietly went out of business.

All these people turned to unemployment, many of them laughing all the way to the bank. Sure pay me to stay home, was what I heard last year from my friends who qualified. Few of them looked for work, as we all knew no work was available. I have been diligently job searched since last year June. I am willing to commute over 50 miles. I am college educated. I have pristine credit. No one hired me. A year later as their benefits taper off my friends join the ranks of the great uncounted. No longer on unemployment they appear for statistical purposes to be employed. Except they are not.

Life coaches, therapists and unemployment counselors alike suggest we do what we love and the money will follow. They test me and find I can type. Clerical jobs are recommended. None are found. I like horses. I ought to be a groom. My friend in Georgie has her own dressage school. She does what she loves. The money is modest, but she enjoys every minute, even the mucking. I like writing. My friend used to produce articles for a newpaper, but he has been replaced by the editor. There weren't any openings for people young like me. Not even when I offered to work for free in exchange for learning a skill. "I got plenty of people here working for 'free'." My friend sadly told me. He has a real estate office and all the eager sales people show up daily despite the lack of sales.

The need is high for more Life Coaches. Although you don't need to be certified, it lends credibility to your craft. I met plenty of them who are terrible at it. The problem is, in this economy the people who need the most coaching are the most broke. They are depressed and confused because they can't find jobs. They need money. Some of them are depressed because they can't budget properly. One of my friends is losing money monthly on an investment. He refuses to cut his losses for reasons which can only be described as emotional. The first cut is the deepest. I think he has become addicted to his depression. A weekly session with his therapist makes him feel so important. The most listened to man in the room.

The effectiveness of the therapy seems to be reverse proportional to its length. The more we hear our story, the more we want to tell and re-tell it for bigger better audiences. Job matches indeed. What if there is no match out there? What if we must become reluctant entrepreneurs? People came out of the great depression selling everything from alcohol to fence posts. Today meth seems to be the product of choice for the reluctant entrepreneur. It cuts across all classes of society. I just report the news. I swear I don't make this stuff up!

Imagine a person, no, imagine two, who by the age of 30 have never had an intelligent conversation. Have no hobbies nor powers of reasoning, no tact or manners to speak of. These two women have never filled out a job application, nor made an interview. They can read but not reason. "Mail in Box" appears to be the only directive they have received in 8 eight years of working. Yet, they have found their "Job Match!" Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. The Clause states that if you are incompetent, ineffective, and have dumbed down to the nth degree, your job is safe. Only those of us who perceive competition feel it, because we want to do well.