Our skin, especially face skin, is most important part when it comes to beauty. Because it is always exposed to internal and external factors (such as hormones, smoke, pollution, dust, sun and wind) it is important to take a good care of it and prevent premature ageing and damaging. To do so, we have to determine what kind of skin type we have and then use cosmetic products that are compatible to it, for a best treatment.

Our skin produces facial oil, and quantity of it determines our skin type. It can be influenced by our diet, lifestyle, genes and stress, but most of us are born with a certain skin type. Specialists say there are 4 main skin types.

I will present to you a quick test. Before you wash your face, put a piece of paper or a tissue, on each of these parts: both of your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

If none of these tissues or only one has oil traces and also you have:

-fine pores, matte and pinkie skin color, your age is about 25 but you already have wrinkles around your eyes, sun, cold and wind often irritates your skin, your face feels tight every time you clean it, all of these are defining a dry skin type. This skin type is very sensitive and it is prone to age quickly.

If all of the tissues you applied are almost clean and don’t have any signs of oil, you have a normal skin type. This type is least problematic. It looks fresh and healthy. You rarely have pores or blackheads.  Even if you don’t take a good care of your skin, it will be very good even when you’ll start aging, because of its smooth and elastic texture. You should be celebrating instead of taking this test.

 If the tissue you applied on your T zone, that is located on your nose, forehead and chin, is greasy but cheeks and the area around your eyes are dry, you have a combination skin type. Its characteristics are very visible pores and blackheads, generally sensitive skin and greasy in hot weather. Almost 70% of women have this type of skin. It’s not very tough to treat it; you’ll have to be a little more careful.

If all papers have tracks of oil and you frequently have blackheads and blemishes on your face, this means you have an oily skin type. Avoiding sugar and carbohydrates, fats, smoking, alcohol and a careful cleaning will improve your skin. Don’t exaggerate in cleaning your face, because facial oil is also beneficial. This excessive oil is protecting the skin from outside factors. This type isn’t prone to aging or wrinkling.

For a better treatment, buy products that are exactly for your skin type. Drink at least 2 L of water per day, because this way your body eliminates toxins and your skin remains clean. Apply your moisture cream before sleeping, because while sleeping, our skin regenerates itself.