Whether you are a small business owner looking to move some product or an individual looking to move products, sell your crafts, old items or make some fast money then the thought of buying and selling online has probably crossed your mind. If this is the case then here is a simple guide of places you can buy and sell online to help you start making money and help you to get that product moved and some money in your pockets.

Your first method is a well-known one, eBay. I am sure if you are not already signed up that you are at least familiar with the site and the possibilities it offers to those looking to buy and sell online. If you are not familiar with it well then the short description is: it is an online selling platform - buy it nows and auction style. You can find or sell products from used clothing to auto's through this site.

Sign up for a sellers account, set your prices, take some pictures and list your products. Then sit back and wait for bites (bids).

If you are buying only, then register with eBay and search through the categories that best describe what you are looking for (women's or men's clothing, cameras, misc – etc), you should find that there is a category for just about anything.

Next option for buying and selling on the internet is an eBay auction alternative known as Ubid. Ubid auctions allow you to both buy and sell products online in an auction type atmosphere. Not quite as popular as some of the other online platforms but definitely an option for those interested in the topic.

All you need to do is register your information, read through their rules and start shopping or selling.

Last if you prefer a buy and sell online format that is different from the above auctions you can always browse or list your items on sites such as Craigslist.org.

This site is free to list your items for sell and is more like an online classifieds that brings people and products together, locally. All you have to do to get your products listed is to sign up with a personal account - verify email and they may ask for a phone number to verify that you are a legitimate person as well. You can then select location, category that your listing will best fit (wanted -for buyers, free, misc. for sale, household, video games, cars/trucks and so on). Create a catchy title and add pictures and a detailed description including price and contact information. All that is left then is to submit.

Your listing will then go live on the site - you will want to note that as others post in the same category locally that your listing will move down - so you will want to delete and re-post weekly if that is still allowed.

Whether you are looking to both buy and sell online or just one of the two the above are some great places to get results.