how to find friends for free

A lot of people are looking for more and more ways to find friends online. Depending on the person’s name and how unusual it is you might find some of these approaches work better to locate friends and lost family or lost relatives than others.

While there are some pay services and you could even hire a private investigator, there are many ways to find people for free.

Something else to be mindful of is when people change their names when they get married, in western society this is normally the woman, but not all countries customs follow this convention so you may want to consider this although many services can record a persons maiden or unmarried name you can't always count on the person having submitted it.

  • Google

 Obviously the first port of call, type the person’s name in and search. You never know what you might find. Invariably you’ll be greeted by a list of people who share their name with the person you are looking for, but it will give you a few options, particularly for any social media sites, that you can check out. If you’re really lucky and the person you are looking for has a significant on-line presence you might find the person you are looking for on the first page of Google, if not it’s definitely worth visiting subsequent pages.

Another tip is to add any additional location information to the search, which will help to narrow it down, however, don’t be dismayed if you can’t find the person, they might have moved after all.

  • Social Networking Sites

Once you’ve reviewed the Google search results it’s now worth looking for people names on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn, the latter is especially useful for older people who may have shunned the youthful Social Media sites but have embraced the “professional” networking of LinkedIn. Many of these sites allow you to filter on location and so on to help narrow down the search.

  • What about friends of friends?

 If Google or social networking sites have failed to turn up anything then it might be time to look to other strategies, such as contacting people you are in touch with and asking them if they have any information that might help you. Or even schools, colleges, universities and work places, may be willing to pass on a message through an alumni association.

  •  Make yourself visible

How easy are you to find? You don’t necessarily have to bare all to everyone on line to be easily found by people who might want to get in touch and who you might be pleased to hear from. Make sure you include sufficient detail in any public profile that will let those who truly know you to find you, even if you get approached by people you would ratheavoid most services will catch messages for you rather than revealing your personal e-mail address.

  • Don’t give up

People are joining Facebook and other services at an astonishing rate,  just because your searches don’t turn up something right away, punching their name in again in three months time might give you a nice surprise.