Hiring a good tax attorney can help you get what you want in case you are having trouble with your income tax. When faced with an IRS tax audit or if you want to get Offer in Compromise (OIC) accepted then the best you option available is the IRS tax representation. Where tax matters are concerned the key is experience.

If all you need is the implementation of an IRS installment plan then you may not necessarily require a tax relief attorney but if you are facing a complex dispute then a tax attorney is a must.

When Do You Need IRS Tax Representation?

  • You can avoid mistakes if facing a civil or criminal IRS ax audit. If the Internal Revenue Service considers your tax returned to have been filed fraudulently then it is considered an offence that can add a 75% penalty to the amount you owe in tax.
  • If you are a financial crisis and you are unable to the complete amount due then you can set up an Offer in Compromise or OIC. On an average only 25% of the applications fro OIC are accepted, a good tax attorney can increase your chance of acceptance and even advice alternatives incase you don't get accepted.
  • If you don't think you can handle the process efficiently and correctly then allow a good tax attorney to assist you.
  • If you need to remove a tax lien or IRS wage garnishment under your account.
  • To get charges reduced or abated get the assistance of a tax lawyer. Millions of dollars are made by the IRS in interest and penalties.

Hiring an Income Tax Attorney to Get Relief from Tax Problems

A thorough research can help you find the right tax lawyer or IRS tax representation. Recommendations from friends and family who may have already used a tax lawyer, when dealing with a similar scenario can save you the time spend searching. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for details about their practice.

If you are offered a free consultation when seeking IRS assistance, take full advantage of it. This way you can analyze the tax relief attorney, their qualifications and practice. The attorney must be the state bar member and should have a Juris Doctor degree, also find out if they are legally permitted to appear before a court of law.

What are the Costs of IRS Tax Representation Instead of a Tax Lawyer

Be practical and reasonable when comparing the tax relief attorneys. The IRS tax representative may provide service for less but is it comprehensive enough? Hire an attorney who can give you quality service and get you the desired results. Before you hire get a breakdown of the fees they charge along with hidden charges and compare it with the service offered. Don't assume the price of hiring an attorney guarantees quality service, compare the different IRS tax representation available and make an informed decision.