Looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend? DateIn Asia is one of the most popular free Asian dating sites available online. Find out how you can use DateIn Asia to find the Asian girl of your dreams...

Are you looking for an Asian wife or girlfriend? DateInAsia is one of the biggest free Asian dating sites on the Internet. There are over a million members, so you're sure to find the Asian girl of your dreams. Here are some thoughts on DateInAsia. Is it a good place to find an Asian girlfriend? Are free dating sites false economy? And is DateInAsia worthwhile due to the problems with scammers?

DateIn Asia Review

DateIn Asia claims to be the one of the largest free Asian dating sites available online. The site claims to have more than one million members!

DateIn Asia is mostly used by Western men looking for Asian wives and girlfriends, and Asian women looking for Western husbands. The site's female members are largely from China, Thailand and the Philippines. While these countries are experiencing rapid economic growth (especially in the service sectors that employ large numbers of women), marrying a Western man is still an easy way for an Asian lady to move on up in the world.

DateIn Asia also lists profiles of a few ladies from other Asian countries including Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. For Indian and Middle Eastern men looking for Muslim brides, Malaysia and Indonesia are increasingly popular destinations for finding exotic oriental brides who are also Muslims.

The site is similar to most other dating sites. There is a basic search facility where you can search on a person's age and country, with additional features to allow you to search by city. This is useful if you're planning a visit to a certain Asian city, and want to visit some ladies while you're there.

Once you hit search, you get a list of matching profiles. Click through a person's thumbnail photo and you can see more details of the person, so you can decide if you want to contact them. The person's profile page shows a few more details about them, including height, weight and often a few photos. Sometimes members write a bit about themselves, and what they're looking for in a partner. If you want your Asian bride to come and live with you in your own country, then make sure she's ticked the box to say that she's willing to relocate.

One of the drawbacks of free dating sites is that people aren't always serious about finding a partner. Consequently there are a lot of half completed or very basic profiles. A top tip for using DateIn Asia is to concentrate on members who have filled out most of the personal details as well as uploaded more than one photo of themselves.

DateIn Asia Scams and Other Issues

Free dating sites are exactly that - a bit of a free for all. If you encounter scammers then don't go crying to the website operator as you get what you pay for.

Most dating site scammers are after money, so avoid anyone who talks a lot about money, or who asks for money. Many of the scammers aren't actually Asian ladies at all, but African men who are pretending to be Asian ladies. Before getting too involved with the lady of your dreams, make sure you schedule a webcam session with her so that you can make sure she actually exists. If she proves elusive on setting up a webcam session then she could well be a scammer (or just shy!). Remember that there are vast numbers of Asian ladies on sites like DateIn Asia, so if you suspect a lady is a scammer, move on and talk to somebody else. The longer a relationship goes on for, the more pain you'll experience if it goes wrong.

It is perfectly possible to meet the Asian girl of your dreams on a free dating site like DateIn Asia. However, be prepared to spend an awful lot of time browsing the personal profiles on the site. If you have more money than time, then it's usually better to pay for a subscription to one of the Asian dating sites like Filipino Cupid, Cherry Blossoms or Thai Love Links. These sites have far superior search and matchmaking facilities compared to DateIn Asia.

If you're really serious about finding an Asian bride, then the best approach is to usually avoid dating sites altogether and enlist the services of an introduction agency. These agencies don't tend to have so many members compared to dating sites. But the members are usually much more marriage minded. Introduction agencies are especially common in Thailand and the Philippines, as well as developed Asian countries like Japan and South Korea.

So DateIn Asia is maybe worth a look if you just want to see if you like the idea of finding an Asian bride. If you're serious about finding an Asian wife then it's usually better to sign up to a subscription based site. There are also a lot of alternatives such as introduction and marriage agencies.