Travelers Flock To One Of Americas Most Historic Florida Destinations

Find the Fountain of Youth at Ponce de Leon Springs State Park and your soul will surely delight with pleasure at this invigorating location full of sparkling, calming waters. During the thirst-wrackingsummer season, people in Northwest Florida are presented with a wonderful natural spring that theycan reach within miles from their location.

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park is renowned for its revitalizing cool spring waters that it gained apopular name fit for what it really is – the modern 'Fountain of Youth'. For those who wish to quenchtheir thirst for cold sparkling water amidst a humid dry and sunny afternoon, then Ponce de LeonSprings State Park is the ultimate destination for you and your friends.

mapoffloridaYou can surely find the fountain of youth at Ponce de Leon Springs State Park as you plunge in theirmade up pool with flowing natural spring waters from 2 underground aquifers naturally located intheir rich environmental location.  In fact, the spring has been found to bring forth about 14 milliongallons of fresh streaming spring water that stays at a constant temperature around 68 degrees Fahrenheit all throughout the changing seasons. This all makes this destination a great Florida Vacation.

Water Sports Abound At Ponce de Leon Springs State Park

Here at the 406-acre Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, you can hold various water activities and games in their Spring Run pool perfect for children and those who do not know how to swim. You canenjoy the crystal clear waters with your baby or teach your little child how to swim in the shallowwaters of Spring Run.

Aside from that, you can also go snorkeling around exploring the wonderful flora and fauna found under the spring waters. Fishing is also greatly encouraged as in the Sandy Creek section right next tothe Spring Run you can be able to snare fresh water fishes such as the Bluegill, catfish, and largemouthbass.

You can find the 'Fountain of Youth' at Ponce de Leon Springs State Park located at Northwest Florida near the nice town of Ponce de Leon. Here the waters are not only perfect for swimming, in fact early settlers near this area get their drinking water from these springs to refresh and invigorate them intheir daily lives.

In Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, you will also find the Great Florida Birding Trail which gives you the chance to observe and participate in the natural habitat of fantastic birds such as great hornedowls, bald eagles, mocking birds and many more. These birds live in a healthy hardwood forest found at Ponce de Leon Springs State Park which you will also be a part of when you travel along the Sandy Creek Trail towards the Spring Run Trail or vice versa.

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park is truly an amazing location to be able to experience nature at its grandest and rejuvenate the body by plunging in through its cool pristine waters. Bring your family and friends in this great nature park located near Northwest Florida and bask at the beauty of mother earth.